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Black Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

We eat a lot of soup. Soup is easy to prepare, and it can usually cook all day in the Crock Pot. Plus, it’s usually healthy and can include lots of great, fresh, whole foods. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can use soup to hide a lot of great, fresh whole foods from picky eaters. Chef Jill Houk from Sara Lee made this soup for us at the Sara Lee Back to School Nutrition Summit. I loved it. I loooooved it. I loved it so much that I might just make it tomorrow. It was that good. And, it … Read more

Sara Lee Back to School Nutrition Summit

Have I mentioned that I had a wonderful time in Chicago last week? I’m still working on a post about BlogHer, and I know that I’ve already written several different posts about my day at the Kitchens of Sara Lee. I saw this video today for the first time, and it captures the day very well. I thought you might like a glimpse of my experience. Enjoy! Happily submitted to  Finer Things Friday and Hooked on Fridays

French Toast Sticks with Raspberry Dipping Sauce

Kids love junk food. Doesn’t everybody? I think part of the allure of junk food is that we aren’t supposed to eat it. We want what we shouldn’t have. When I was at the Sara Lee Back to School Nutrition Summit in July, Chef Jill Houck talked to us about making healthy, nutritious foods look like junk food. Is that brilliant or what? I love the concept. I think Gracie will devour anything that looks remotely like a French Fry, as long as she can dip it in something that reminds her of ketchup. That’s exactly what Chef Jill was … Read more

Separation Anxiety

Someone in my family has separation anxiety. I was going to write this post last week, except I was making a concerted effort to avoid thinking about it. I did pretty well, until this past Sunday, when it smacked me in the face and I realized I had 7,281 things to do before today. I didn’t get them all done, as you might imagine. I guess I should tell you what “it” is that I’ve been avoiding. I have separation anxiety. In January, I decided that I’d like to attend the BlogHer conference in Chicago. In February, I got involved, … Read more

What To Do With Leftover Buns

What’s better than having fresh, delicious Sara Lee Soft & Smooth buns for your picnic? Have free Sara Lee Soft & Smooth buns for your picnic! Sara Lee is going to send 5 packs of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hot Dog Buns and 5 packs of Soft & Smooth Wheat Hamburger Buns one lucky Feels like Home Recommends reader’s 4th of July picnic. But what if you don’t use all 80 buns? What then? Sara Lee Chef, Catherin DeOrio, gave me a few suggestions to use up leftover buns (and I added a few of my own). French … Read more