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Playing Outside with My Girls

Every day last week saw high temperatures in the mid-seventies. Considering the lousy weather we’ve had in April and May, that is positively splendid. This is what being an at-home mom is all about. I get some work done while Allie naps and Grace plays, then we all go outside together. Outside is all about running and playing and laughing for Gracie. For Allie, it’s about watching and learning. And, of course, chewing since those teeth still haven’t broken through. For me, it’s about pulling weeds and planting flowers and enjoying the beauty of my yard and my garden and … Read more

A Big Announcement (For Me, Anyway)

I’ve been meaning to write this post since March 8. March 8th is when I submitted a letter to my employer, explaining that I would not return to work after my maternity leave ended. This Friday, I will officially be an at-home mom. When Grace was born, I cried every time I thought about going back to work. I sobbed for hours my first day back. For 4 years, I’ve felt incredibly guilty about leaving Grace at daycare so that I could teach other peoples’ kids. When Allie was born, I told Joe that I could not go back. It … Read more

An Idle Threat

I had to make an idle threat this morning. Most mornings, Grace throws a fit and says that she doesn’t want to go to school. Most days, there are tears. I think it may be a show on my behalf, but I can’t be sure. She really wants to stay home. With me. I get it. I really want to stay home. With her. At any rate, I am still teaching, so we have to get ready and get out the door each day. This morning, Grace was exhausted. Call me crazy, but I blame the internal clock that wakes … Read more