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12 Things to See at Hersheypark Christmas Candyland

My family is a warm weather crowd. We don’t particularly like to go sledding or skiing or even hiking out in the cold. It’s just not our cup of tea. Thus, even though we’ve had season passes to Hersheypark for years, we have never gone during Christmas Candylane. Not even once. We go in the spring when the weather gets warm, all summer and fall, and then we stop except for an occasional trip to the zoo. Last weekend, when I was at the #SweetWelcome weekend, I experienced Christmas Candylane for the very first time. I was in awe.  First … Read more

The Little, Slow Roller Coaster

Hersheypark Lightning Racer

This post is not sponsored by anyone, just so you know. You know Grace. She has anxieties. Incidentally, when I was a teenager, our neighbor’s wiener dog had anxieties. They had to medicate him or else he chewed his fur off. How weird is that? Joe and Grace have been discussing roller coasters a lot. I guess it’s because she has grown tall enough to ride a lot of the roller coasters. So. Standing in line at the ferris wheel (which I loathe but always ride because my girls like it), Joe said to Grace, “You’re not ever going to ride roller … Read more