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8 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Husband

honoring the man they call daddy

This week’s Honoring the Man They Call Daddy theme is setting the stage. What can we do to make our homes more welcoming and more comfortable for our husbands? I wasn’t sure where to start, so I asked Joe what that would look like. “Uh, I dunno,” he answered. Not satisfied with that answer, I pressed, and he said, “I don’t really need too much. A little pampering, maybe. A foot massage.” Here’s what else he said (plus a few things I added in on his behalf). Greet him with a smile and a smooch when he walks in the … Read more

10 Ways the Great Wolf Lodge is Better Than the Beach

We just got home from a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. Oh my goodness. Let me first say that we love the beach.  Since we were at the beach last year, Grace mentions it at least a few times a month. Remember when we went to the New Delaware beach? Can we go there again? How ’bout next week? Next month? When? I don’t know why she calls it the New Delaware beach, by the way. She always has. I had assumed we’d be headed back to the beach soon. If not this summer, definitely next … Read more

10 Ways to Use Cheap Flatware

I have three sets of flatware, and (though we’re cleaning house and purging a lot of items) none of them are going anywhere. I purchased the first set at Walmart in 1997. It was cheap in the worst sense of the word. This is the set I have employed for the uses below. It’s no big deal if a piece gets lost or ruined. If it weren’t for the list below, I’d have thrown it away a decade ago. The second set was my Aunt Anna’s. She bought it shortly after she married my Uncle Kenny in the late 1940’s. … Read more

Being Silly with the Weebles

Grace is a silly kid. She giggles, jokes, and stumbles just to be funny.

And then she announces how funny she is, which sounds really strange coming from such a small person.

About a week ago, she saw a commercial for Weebles while watching tv with my dad. She was impressed. She was so impressed that she asked me to buy her some Weebles.

Little did she know, a huge box of Weebles toys were waiting at our home that very day.

When I agreed to review the Weebles toys, I was concerned that Grace might be too old for them. I knew that our January baby would love them before long, and I was excited to see the new version of my own beloved toys. But I wasn't sure that Grace would be interested.

I was so wrong.

As Joe and I unpacked the box, Grace grabbed every Weeble. Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down! she giggled, wiggling and wobbling and falling down.

She named all of the people. She noticed that they all had numbers on their backs.

She experimented. She figured out that they will right themselves when placed upside down. She tried over and over to knock them down.

She was never successful.

You know, because Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Then Grace and Joe got the music going in the musical treehouse.

And the dancing began.

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