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How to Be Happy – 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

How to Be Happy - 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life - This smart list will improve your life now. People have a lot of bad habits, and to quit them will make things better for sure. These quotes and tips will help you to be satisfied and content with yourself and in your relationship with money. Everyday advice for women and men, moms, teens, and even kids.

I have written quite a bit about all the healthy, positive habits you could start doing to be more productive! and get more done! and be happier! and be healthier! and all that jazz, and I suspect that at least a few of you think, “Are you kidding me?” when you get one of those emails from me. I hear you. If someone told me one more thing that I should accomplish in the day, I might turn into a crazy person. Or eat a whole container of brownies. Probably the brownies. My point today is not to tell you all the … Read more

30 Best Quotes From Our Favorite Children’s Books

Best inspirational quotes from kids books and children's literature - These famous and not so famous truths are from Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, and many more. Includes free printables. Awesome life lessons for the heart.

We are a reading family. We own more than a thousand books (well over, if you’re counting), and we read daily. We also listen to a lot of audiobooks, especially when we’re in the car. We’ve started listening to the Harry Potter series recently which has spurred a new obsession in my children. They now watch Harry Potter YouTube videos and play Harry Potter pretend games and Harry Potter Barbies and Harry Potter Legos and are already begging to be Harry and Hermoine for Halloween. I like that they get so into their stories, but I don’t remember a commitment … Read more

10 Inspiring Quotes to Teach Your Children

10 inspirational quotes for boys and girls, kids and teens, and even men and women. These truths from God, the Bible, Jesus, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela and others will inspire and motivate children and adults about life, strength, hope, and love. Encouragement for moms.

I am a word nerd. You might have guessed, being that I’ve published over 2,000 posts on this little blog of mine. Also, I have 2 tattoos which are quotes from books (and more specifically, from Harry Potter books) and 2 more which are words that mean something to me. Words are in my heart and soul, and I hope that my kids feel the same way. What follows are 10 pretty graphics that you can print out and hang in your house to remind you and your kids of your values in the world. They’re about things like love … Read more