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Painting with Cookie Cutters

Painting with Cookie Cutters - This is so simple and easy! Plus, it uses barely any paint so there's no mess.

Allie loves to paint, and I do like to help her paint, but at 4, her paintings are all the same sort of globby mess. It frustrates me that she soaks her brush full of paint and slops it around the paper (though I never let on), and I think it frustrates her that she’s not able to make things look the way her sister does (like actual things instead of abstract art). I came up with a way to paint that uses minimal paint (no big globs) and lets her find success in creating just the shapes she wants. It … Read more

20 Ways to Get Preschoolers Excited About Math

20 ways to get preschoolers excited about math

I have mentioned before (many times) that Grace resists “school time” every day. Because my earliest homeschool lessons were boring and repetitive (because I was strictly following the Calvert curriculum that was at least a year behind her ability), she associates school time with boring and repetitive. It’s hugely unfortunate, and I haven’t been able to break that association in the three years since. At the same time, Grace wallows in informal learning like an elated pig in a big mud hole. She can’t get enough of her lapbooks and nature walks and science experiments and mazes and brain teasers … Read more

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Are your kids crazy for stickers? Mine are. Both of them, and the sticker addiction began very early. I think Grace was 1 when she discovered stickers, and Allie was choking on them prior to 6 months (because Grace has always left them all over the place). We had the opportunity to work with a new line from Darice Crafts called PomTree Kids, and I really, really love their products. They offer mega craft supply kits (some are no glue required!), building kits, and sticker tubs. The idea is that the kits are very open-ended to inspire creativity in children … Read more

Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Frugal Easter Egg Sensory Bin

The last time I put together a sensory bin for my girls was a disaster. Well, it was a disaster for Allie. Grace loved it. Like always, I failed to pack it up and put it away, so it’s still sitting in a dishpan in my dining room. I’m just on the ball like that. Anyway. I learned a little something from that St. Patrick’s Day experience and No Time for Flashcards. I put a few cups of fruity o’s (or whatever the generic Fruit Loops are called) in a bowl with a SOLO cup, a tiny scoop, and two … Read more

Kindergarten Crafts – Counting to 100

27, 28, 29, 100. That’s how Grace counts these days. She really likes the number one hundred. She learned how to spell it, how to write it, what it means. The only problem is that she’s determined to make it come after 29. Wanting to show her that numbers are little more than a pattern, I decided to count something. My first thought was stickers. Grace loves stickers, and she will peel them off of the paper and stick them to anything that can’t run away. Including her sister and me. “Grace, do you want to count stickers?” No. Why … Read more

A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

rainbow scavenger hunt for preschoolers

Grace has been enthralled by St. Patrick’s Day ever since she was back in Tweenie School (that’s what she called the daycare she went to {and adored} from birth to age 2). During the month of March, a scheming leprechaun visited Tweenie School when the kids went outside or took a nap. He made messes and played tricks on them. The teachers set a trap for him, and he filled it up with chocolate coins. Every single day, when I picked Grace up from Tweenie School, she would squeal and tell me about those tricky leprechauns, waving her arms wildly … Read more