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11 Tips To Teach Telling Time

11 tips to teach telling time - Whether they are in kindergarten, first, 2nd, or 3rd grade, most early elementary kids are trying to figure out how to tell time. You will find activities, worksheets, and games for parents and teachers in this awesome post that includes how to tell time to the hour and minute. Teaching the clock has never been so easy or so much fun!

My kids like to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. The trouble with this is that they normally go to bed at 8:30, and by 9 or 9:30, they are so exhausted that they are lying on the couch and not even picking up their heads. It’s pathetic. Grace, our now 10-year-old, taught herself to tell time at a very early age, and we had to secretly change all the clocks to three hours fast so that she would think she was staying up until midnight, even when she was going to bed at 9. Don’t judge me … Read more

Snakes and Ladders – A Free Printable Learning Game for Kids

Free printable learning games for kids - This fun Snakes and Ladders game can be used a variety of ways for teaching reading skills, numbers, counting, and more. Best for preschool and elementary, but fun for adults and older kids, too!

I didn’t know what to call this post because it’s partly about how I feel like I’m failing as a homeschool parent, and partly about how I made up a super fun printable Snakes and Ladders game for Allie and me to play to practice her numbers, counting, and reading skills. Working full-time and homeschooling are two things that do not appear to mix on the surface, and actually do not mix well in practice either.  I am tired when I get home from work, and the kids are tired when I get home from work. No one wants to … Read more

Learning to Count Money – Preschool Sorting Activity

This is a simple activity to teach preschoolers the beginning skills to count money.

“One-two-three-four,” Allie counted as she pulled her “quarters” out of her piggy bank. All the coins were quarters. When she got to the teens, she counted “sixteen, eighteen, sixteen, eighteen, sixteen, eighteen.” As adorable as it was to watch and listen to her counting her moneys, I decided to step in and help her to learn a little about the moneys themselves. (I love how she calls them all moneys. I can’t help myself.) Learning to Count Money Materials The materials are really easy for this one. A box or bowl of coins (Allie stuffed them all into her piggy … Read more

20 Ways to Get Preschoolers Excited About Math

20 ways to get preschoolers excited about math

I have mentioned before (many times) that Grace resists “school time” every day. Because my earliest homeschool lessons were boring and repetitive (because I was strictly following the Calvert curriculum that was at least a year behind her ability), she associates school time with boring and repetitive. It’s hugely unfortunate, and I haven’t been able to break that association in the three years since. At the same time, Grace wallows in informal learning like an elated pig in a big mud hole. She can’t get enough of her lapbooks and nature walks and science experiments and mazes and brain teasers … Read more

Kindergarten Crafts – Counting to 100

27, 28, 29, 100. That’s how Grace counts these days. She really likes the number one hundred. She learned how to spell it, how to write it, what it means. The only problem is that she’s determined to make it come after 29. Wanting to show her that numbers are little more than a pattern, I decided to count something. My first thought was stickers. Grace loves stickers, and she will peel them off of the paper and stick them to anything that can’t run away. Including her sister and me. “Grace, do you want to count stickers?” No. Why … Read more

How to Make a Geoboard

A few weeks ago, I discovered Pink and Green Mama’s homemade geoboard project. I’d never heard of a geoboard before, let alone considered making one. After a little Googling, I thought a geoboard would be right up our alley. Geoboards allow kids to work with geometry concepts while playing. Essentially, the geoboard is a grid with pegs in it. Since I’ve started looking, I’ve seen them made from cheap plastic (think plastic plates), heavy plastic, wood, cork board, and even peg board. It took some time (waiting for glue to dry, waiting for paint to dry, finding time to measure … Read more