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Easy Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments for Preschoolers

We’ve been crafting so much that my glue gun caught on fire. For real. I had to throw it out after flames shot out of it and it set off the smoke detector. Okay, not really about the smoke detector, but everything else is true. I love crafting with my kids. I feel the same way about crafting with them that I feel about cooking with them. I absolutely positively love doing it. Except for the mess they make. I could do without that. But anyway. I sat down one Saturday afternoon while the girls were playing Barbies, and I … Read more

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Are your kids crazy for stickers? Mine are. Both of them, and the sticker addiction began very early. I think Grace was 1 when she discovered stickers, and Allie was choking on them prior to 6 months (because Grace has always left them all over the place). We had the opportunity to work with a new line from Darice Crafts called PomTree Kids, and I really, really love their products. They offer mega craft supply kits (some are no glue required!), building kits, and sticker tubs. The idea is that the kits are very open-ended to inspire creativity in children … Read more

Kindergarten Crafts – Counting to 100

27, 28, 29, 100. That’s how Grace counts these days. She really likes the number one hundred. She learned how to spell it, how to write it, what it means. The only problem is that she’s determined to make it come after 29. Wanting to show her that numbers are little more than a pattern, I decided to count something. My first thought was stickers. Grace loves stickers, and she will peel them off of the paper and stick them to anything that can’t run away. Including her sister and me. “Grace, do you want to count stickers?” No. Why … Read more

Free eBook – Spring Crafts, Activities, & Family Fun

Two of my favorite bloggers, Mandi Ehman and Allie McDonald, have teamed up to create a new eBook. Spring Crafts, Activities, and Fun for Families contains 26 spring-themed activities and crafts for kids, adults, and families. 15 different bloggers appear in the ebook, including myself and many that I’ve featured in Things to Write Home About. click here to download the free printable ebook

Button-Covered Christmas Ornament to Make with a Preschooler

button covered Christmas ornament

I love this ornament. Like the jingly pom pom ball (that is my first favorite), this one came out really nicely. They were really similar ornaments, starting with a styrofoam ball and a lot of glue. We also worked on this one in short stages, and Grace was really involved. That probably contributes to how much I enjoyed it. Button Ornaments Materials Lots of buttons – We have a fabric outlet in the Harrisburg area that sells buttons by the pound. Over the years, I’ve amassed a several pound collection that I store in a big jar in our craft … Read more

Another Pom Pom Ornament to Make with a Preschooler

pom pom ornaments

Another day, another crafty ornament with Grace. This one was impromptu. Joe totally made it up while surrounded by mounds of pom poms that were left over from another ornament, so it’s not on the Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler list. Pom Pom Stuffed Christmas Ornaments Materials Small glass ball ornaments (we used 4-inch size) Pom poms A pencil or chopstick (or other thin but not sharp tool) Glitter (optional) Instructions Carefully remove the top from a glass ball ornament. Be very careful. The ornaments are thin glass, and it is easy to break them. Ask my husband. Help … Read more