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A Prayer for When You’re Anxious and Overwhelmed with Life

A prayer for when you're overwhelmed with life and anxious. Jesus The Rock can help restore faith and peace in your life even when things seem hopeless. These scriptures and truths from God will bring peace and strength to your heart. Quotes from The Lord.

In my reader survey a couple weeks ago, one thing that came up over and over is that we, collectively, are overwhelmed. We have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. We are drowning in commitments and tasks, and it feels like we’ll never catch up. I so feel your pain, friend. I have 47 items on my to do list (no kidding), and I am worried that I’ll drop something important because I know I cannot realistically get it all done on time or maybe not at all. It’s at times like these … Read more

A Prayer for the Homeschooling Mom

I struggle with homeschooling every day. I used to struggle with a child who didn’t want to learn. She’s past that phase (sort of), willing to learn and participate (most of the time), but I struggle now with my own discipline. Finding the discipline to sit down and prepare my girls’ work, battling with a strong willed child who has special learning needs, and making time for it all require daily focus. And that’s to say nothing of the housework, blogging, and work responsibilities that pull me in all different directions. Some days, it’s too much. I can’t handle everything. … Read more

8 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Pray

Do your kids ever see and hear you praying? Mind don’t. I do most of my praying when they’re not around or silently in my heart {Lord, give me strength!}. Outside of their bedtime prayers together, my kids probably don’t even know that I pray at all. How then are they supposed to learn to have conversations with God? He gave us prayer as a means of making Himself personal and accessible to us. Prayer brings us into close conversation with the maker of heaven and earth, and failing to teach our children to pray prevents them from enjoying that … Read more

God Spoke To Me – And Not How You Think

God spoke to me

You’ll never guess where it happened. My Sunday School class is more like a book discussion group. We read a book together and discuss one chapter each Sunday. It’s led by our pastor and his wife, and they choose books that really push my thinking about God and what He does and does not do. Three weeks ago, we read a chapter on prayer. The main point of the chapter was that when we pray, we should be listening instead of talking. The author explained that God already knows what’s on our hearts, so our telling Him is more for … Read more