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12 Ways to Stay Sane in the Midst of a Busy Season

  You’re probably tired of hearing how busy I am. Between working full-time, blogging part-time, homeschooling, and being a wife and mother, my days are jam-packed. Now that we’ve settled into a routine, I don’t mind it. I have found little bits of time throughout my days, and I have come up with ways to maximize those times. I am certain you could do the same, no matter what your situation entails. I’m not going to lie or put a pretty face on it – I am doing a lot more right now than I would like to be doing. You probably are, too. … Read more

Cinnamon Roll Pie

Back in October, I shared tips for cooking with kids. One of those tips was to buy foods that make it easier for the kids to cook, like Pillsbury™ Grands! Cinnamon Rolls. They make it easy for kids to make a complete breakfast – all they have to do is pop open the roll, place the cinnamon rolls in a baking dish, bake, and then ice. They’re simple and easy enough for kids to make with just a little oven help. With that in mind, I created the following recipe for a fabulous dessert using Pillsbury™ Grands! Cinnamon Rolls as a starting point. … Read more

My Biggest Cheerleaders and Eddie the Eagle

From the moment I saw the Eddie the Eagle movie trailer, I was hooked. It was this line that clinched it for me: “As your coach, I should tell you you’re crazy. But as your friend, I say fly!” How much difference can one person make in the life of a fledgling? My Old Grandma encouraged me through college, for example. She knew I was brilliant, and she knew I could do anything. I had no limits. Theoretical physics? No match for her granddaughter! (I did not concur.) Student teaching? Forget about it! Not even meteorology could hold me back in … Read more

How to Remove Clothing Stains

I recently bought a couple of new shirts. I had previously been using the fact that none of my shirts fit as weight loss motivation, but that wasn’t working out as well as I hoped and I gave in to the temptation to buy bigger clothes. I now have 4 that fit well and look nice. So I was at the park with the girls, rolling down the hill (not as fun as it was 30 years ago, I have to say). After a couple of times down the hill, we were all three covered in grass stains. I was … Read more

Healthy Fruit Snacks Recipe

When I was a little kid, I had the same thing in my lunch every single day: a ham and cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip, a package of fruity snacks, a cookie, and a juice box. I never remember anything else. My kids, too, are totally enamored with fruity snacks. They love them. So, when Juicy Juice® asked me to make a recipe from their website using their juice, I knew I would make their homemade fruit snacks recipe. Total no brainer. This recipe is super easy with only two ingredients. You do have to let it refrigerate for at … Read more

S’mores Cheesecake with Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

On Wednesday, while Grace was taking a nap (she’s been quite sick), Allie and I made a s’mores cheesecake to bring some of our favorite flavors together. I had a new cheesecake recipe to try out, and we haven’t had a campfire in a while to get our s’mores fix, so it seemed like a good combination. Was it ever a good combination! That is the understatement of the year. Every bite of this rich cheesecake was loaded with the sticky goodness of marshmallows and the rich sweetness of my homemade hot fudge, and it was – dare I say … Read more