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Leftover Cake

For Grace’s big birthday party, I made an Elmo cake. However. When you’re making an Elmo cake, you have to cut off any part of the cake that is unlevel. I thought it was a bummer to throw cake into the garbage. A real shame. Grace thought so, too, and she heaped the leftover icing onto the cake trimmings, and she ate them.  

Climbing Through a Tunnel

Grace loves to go to the park. She likes to swing and slide. She loves to climb, too. Our favorite park has two sand volleyball courts that Grace believes are enormous sand boxes, and a set of tunnels and ladders just for kids under five. We were at that park as soon as the weather warmed in April, and I snapped this picture of Grace emerging from one of the tunnels just like spring . The dry winter air made static all around this plastic tunnel. Grace didn’t notice her hair, but I did. It gave me a giggle to … Read more

My Painted Lady

See that pink egg? It was the only one of its kind. Grace had a great time helping to color Easter eggs until she helped the pink egg right out onto her lap. And then, in the resulting fracas, the pink and blue dye cups got knocked over. There was dye everywhere. Pink chair. Blue floor. Purple table. The kid got colored, too. We called her The Painted Lady. Happily submitted to PhotoHunters (the theme this week is painted)