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Cherry Crest Adventure Park & The Amazing Maise Maze Review – Family Fun in Lancaster, PA

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Review - Lancaster, PA attraction for families and kids. Includes one of the best corn mazes in the US as well as many other attractions!

Now and then, we stumble upon a family fun outing that is so awesome that we arrive early and stay late. We had one such trip last Friday. I had been contacted by the PR representative for Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in reference to some new activities they have for this season, and I asked if they would host my family for a day during our July staycation. They agreed, and I told the kids we were going to a corn maze. Boy did I have that wrong! Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is so much more than a corn maze.  … Read more

10 Date Night Ideas for Winter and the Christmas Season

I have written several times before about date night and how important it is for us, especially while we’re in the little kid years. In this post, I wrote this: We are married; we live together. We are moving in the same direction with the same goals. We care for the same people in the same space. We eat and sleep together and use the same bathroom. We do almost everything side by side, but we need to spend some time gazing into each other’s eyes. That is as true now as ever. When we fail to spend time on a regular … Read more

Visit Philadelphia in 2014

Quiz time. I promise that you know this guy. Who is he? He is often called “the only President of the United States who was never President of the United States” and “the first American.” He may be the most influential American in the history of America. He quit school at age ten (because of family finances) but read voraciously throughout his life, educating himself on a very wide variety of subjects. He established the Library Company of Philadelphia, now home to over half a million rare books and pamphlets, the first volunteer firefighting company, and the first hospital in … Read more

The Pennsylvania Farm Show

Pennsylvania Farm Show

I used to complain about the Pennsylvania Farm Show. When I was in high school, I was so above all that country nonsense. It was stupid, and it cramped my interesting teenage life (although I can’t remember just how). I ignored the Farm Show for many years, ambivalent but not longer inconvenienced. And then I had kids. Grace loves animals. She loves county fairs and craft shows and all kinds of festivals. She lives for them. Grace knows when the Farm Show is happening. We see just enough tv news for her to be aware of the coming events in … Read more

The Nittany Lion

On our way home from Old Grandma’s house last week, Grace asked if we could stop to see the Nittany Lion. “If you’re awake, we’ll stop,” I responded, hoping that she would sleep the whole way home. What if I’m sleeping? “Then we won’t stop.” About 15 miles before Penn State, Grace woke up. Did I miss it? she asked, stretching and sleepy. “No. You had perfect timing. We’re almost there.” As soon as I unbuckled her, Grace raced from the car to the Nittany Lion. She climbed up all by herself, and she hugged its neck. I’ve missed you, … Read more