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Rainbow Paper Chain Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids

There was a time when I did crafts with my kids nonstop, every single day. We painted and cut and pasted and I loved every minute of mess and goop and fun. Since they have discovered Minecraft and DIY (an iOS app) and Animal Jam, the crafts have largely fallen by the wayside. They prefer to spend their time on screens which pains me greatly. We have rules and limits around screens, but they are unwilling to spend their unstructured playing time with me doing crafts these days. They would rather play with Lego or Barbie or some other toys … Read more

Paper Towers – Kids Science Project and S.T.E.M. Challenge

This is a very simple engineering activity that uses trash to make a cool project. Grace did it once a few months ago at the Girls in STEM workshop at a local science center, and she loved it. I’m sure your kids will love it, too. Grab a big stack of scrap paper and get started. (We keep a box for scrap paper – papers where one side has been printed on, usually for contracts, misprints, calendars, and the like.) Paper Tower Materials A roll of masking tape A stack of 8.5″x11″ paper – We used plain white typing paper, but … Read more

What Makes Up Black Ink? – Paper Chromatography Experiment for Kids

When I was a science teacher, chromatography was one of my favorite activities. The kids would color on filter paper, dip it in water, and watch what happened. It never ceased to amaze them, no matter what age they were. We all learn in art class that green is made up of blue and yellow and that red is a primary color, made up only of red. We learn that all the colors mixed together make something between brown and black. But when you dissect marker colors, sometimes you find something very different. Paper Chromatography Materials   Coffee filters – The premium … Read more

Valentine’s Day Heart Animal Crafts for Kids

We are snowed in. Last Friday night and Saturday, we got nearly 40″ of snow which has never happened before in the history of record keeping in the Harrisburg area. By Saturday afternoon, the girls had played outside (that’s too much snow to really do anything in) and played games and made meals and played with all their toys, and they were all ready for something else. So I had the brilliant idea to do some heart crafts, partly just to have fun and partly to share with you here. The girls were into this for all of fifteen minutes … Read more

Huge Silhouette Black Friday Sale & 6 Awesome Silhouette Cutting Machine Projects

Incredible Silhouette Black Friday Sale

I have always wanted a die cutting machine. Before Grace was born, when I was really into scrapbooking with paper, I had to actually go to the scrapbook store (do scrapbook stores still exist?) and buy cardstock and use their giant die cutting machine. I’d choose a design and put the paper onto the large design plate, put the plate into a metal pan, slide the pan under the rollers, turn a handle, and as it passed under the rollers, the plate’s blades would expose and cut the cardstock into whatever shape I had chosen. One year, I made calendars … Read more

Making An Angel Tree Topper with a Preschooler

angel tree topper craft

This project did not appear in Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler. Probably because it’s so ugly that nobody else would ever dare make one. I asked Grace if she wanted to top her Christmas tree with an angel or a star. I explained the significance of both stars and angels. She chose an angel. I researched crafty angel projects online, and I found beautiful angels made from doilies, scrapbook paper, and even beads. None of them would really work for a 3-year-old. So. I made up something else. Angel Tree Topper Craft Materials 1 sheet of 12×12-inch scrapbook paper … Read more