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Why I’m Going Gluten Free

I have mentioned a time or two before that I had chronic pain over the summer. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in August, but the (malaria) medicine my doctor prescribed for it hasn’t helped. At all. I also started taking prednisone in August, and that has worked wonders. It’s practically a miracle drug, erasing the pain from all of my joints within a few weeks of my first pill. I can’t take prednisone for ever. I would, you understand. The side effects (like having trouble falling asleep and being hungry) were trivial for me because I had no pain. … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Delivery

Did you read part one, part two, and part three of Allie’s birth story? The pain. I remember the pain so clearly. I pushed the button to give my epidural more medicine. I pushed and pushed and pushed the button. “What do you mean, you have to go to the bathroom? Do you have to urinate?” the nurse asked. “No, I have to poop. I have to push.” I said. “You have to push?!” she repeated, moving toward the foot of my bed. “Let me check you.” Not yet an hour had passed since I was 3 cm dilated. My … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Labor

Did you read part one and part two of Allie’s birth story? The Labor The doctor told me to take a hot bath in the jacuzzi and relax for a while while the pitocin helped my body to get things moving. The hot bath made my cervix change a bit – a 1/2 cm. My contractions were still  frequent and strong. My blood pressure continued to climb, requiring intravenous blood pressure meds and a heart monitor. To ease the tension, my sister recounted a funny story that made me laugh. Once I started laughing, I didn’t stop. My hysterical laughter … Read more