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Simple & Easy Christmas String Art Ornaments for Kids & Adults

Simple & easy Christmas string art for beginners - These pretty designs are made on wood slices using embroidery floss or string and make a perfectly sized Christmas ornament for the Xmas tree. Includes free printable templates and patterns for a star, angel, light, tree, snowflake, and more. Great for children, tweens, teens, and adults.

Christmas String Art for Beginners A couple of months ago, I shared my foibles at learning string art. There are lots of good tips for beginners in that post, so check it out especially if you’re new to the craft. Now that I’ve figured out string art (mostly), I am really into creating little projects, and I decided to do these simple and easy Christmas ornaments with my tween Girl Scout troop. We haven’t done them yet, but I did help both 11-year-old Grace and almost 8-year-old Allie each to make one, and they were both successful, so I have … Read more

Felt Cat Ornament – DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids (Free Printable Pattern)

I love Christmas crafts. Actually, I love all crafts and pretty much everything Christmas, but Christmas crafts have a special place in my heart. Speaking of Christmas crafts, have you taken a look at my huge list of kid-made Christmas ornaments? They range from little kid projects to big kid projects, so you’ll definitely want to take a look. I also have a very deep love for cats, so this little Christmas tree ornament came together very naturally. I made this ornament in two different ways. First, I made one that is 100% hot glued. You could really use any … Read more

Easy Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments for Preschoolers

We’ve been crafting so much that my glue gun caught on fire. For real. I had to throw it out after flames shot out of it and it set off the smoke detector. Okay, not really about the smoke detector, but everything else is true. I love crafting with my kids. I feel the same way about crafting with them that I feel about cooking with them. I absolutely positively love doing it. Except for the mess they make. I could do without that. But anyway. I sat down one Saturday afternoon while the girls were playing Barbies, and I … Read more

How to Fix a Faded Garden Ornament

How to Fix a Faded Garden Ornament

The other day, I wrote a post about fairy gardens, and I shared a picture of the fairy garden my mom helped me to make before she died. I put it outside, on the porch in the shade, I mentioned that my pretty pink bird house had disappeared. The next day, Grace and I went looking for the pretty pink bird house, and we found out it – in the leaf litter under the picnic table. It looked like this, except it had a giant cotton ball of a spider nest in the top that I cleaned out before I … Read more

Making Styrofoam-filled Christmas Ornaments with a Preschooler

Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers

We’ve made several Christmas ornaments by stuffing things into a clear glass ball. We tried several combinations of paint and glitter, and those didn’t come out as well as we would have liked. I’m not sure why. We stuffed pom-poms into a bunch of them. Those were all really nice. This ornament was supposed to be filled up with styrofoam beads and glitter. I didn’t want to buy styrofoam beads (and wasn’t allowed to go shopping on bedrest), so we improvised. We had a bunch of styrofoam made from big pieces of foam, and Joe and Grace crumbled them up. … Read more

Sequined Snowflake Ornaments that Preschoolers Can Make

Christmas Ornaments Preschoolers Can Make

Back when I was pregnant with Allie and on bedrest, Grace and I made all kinds of Christmas ornament crafts. Grace was 3 1/2 at the time, and I posted them on this page of Christmas Ornaments that Preschoolers Can Make. Last week, I went back through the 31,364 photos in my iPhoto library looking for one from that December, and I found some ornaments that we’d made but I had never posted. So I’m going to post them this week. These are really simple crafts that even a cooperative toddler could make. (I don’t see Allie being cooperative, but Grace … Read more