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Felt Cat Ornament – DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids (Free Printable Pattern)

I love Christmas crafts. Actually, I love all crafts and pretty much everything Christmas, but Christmas crafts have a special place in my heart. Speaking of Christmas crafts, have you taken a look at my huge list of kid-made Christmas ornaments? They range from little kid projects to big kid projects, so you’ll definitely want to take a look. I also have a very deep love for cats, so this little Christmas tree ornament came together very naturally. I made this ornament in two different ways. First, I made one that is 100% hot glued. You could really use any … Read more

Baby Jesus Ornament Craft

We were browsing on Oriental Trading for craft projects for our church to do, and Allie saw these little baby Jesus ornaments. I want to make that, Mom! she said. I asked why. I sort of thought it was ugly. Because it’s baby Jesus! We could hang him on our Christmas tree and see him for the whole season! It’s hard to argue with seeing baby Jesus all season. I suppose I could’ve said no, but I had other crafts planned for December, and I knew these would fit right in. Materials I love craft kits from Oriental Trading. We buy … Read more

Button-Covered Christmas Ornament to Make with a Preschooler

button covered Christmas ornament

I love this ornament. Like the jingly pom pom ball (that is my first favorite), this one came out really nicely. They were really similar ornaments, starting with a styrofoam ball and a lot of glue. We also worked on this one in short stages, and Grace was really involved. That probably contributes to how much I enjoyed it. Button Ornaments Materials Lots of buttons – We have a fabric outlet in the Harrisburg area that sells buttons by the pound. Over the years, I’ve amassed a several pound collection that I store in a big jar in our craft … Read more

Another Pom Pom Ornament to Make with a Preschooler

pom pom ornaments

Another day, another crafty ornament with Grace. This one was impromptu. Joe totally made it up while surrounded by mounds of pom poms that were left over from another ornament, so it’s not on the Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler list. Pom Pom Stuffed Christmas Ornaments Materials Small glass ball ornaments (we used 4-inch size) Pom poms A pencil or chopstick (or other thin but not sharp tool) Glitter (optional) Instructions Carefully remove the top from a glass ball ornament. Be very careful. The ornaments are thin glass, and it is easy to break them. Ask my husband. Help … Read more

Making An Angel Tree Topper with a Preschooler

angel tree topper craft

This project did not appear in Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler. Probably because it’s so ugly that nobody else would ever dare make one. I asked Grace if she wanted to top her Christmas tree with an angel or a star. I explained the significance of both stars and angels. She chose an angel. I researched crafty angel projects online, and I found beautiful angels made from doilies, scrapbook paper, and even beads. None of them would really work for a 3-year-old. So. I made up something else. Angel Tree Topper Craft Materials 1 sheet of 12×12-inch scrapbook paper … Read more