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Organizing Our Homeschool Supplies

How I Organized Our Homeschool Supplies

We homeschool in our dining room. It’s also the room in which I have quiet time and do crafts and dig in the dirt and do macramé and sew and write in my journal and do pretty much everything else we do. We have a lot of stuff packed into our dining room, and it’s usually all over our table. I didn’t take a before picture because it was a mess. Use your imagination. It was an insane mess. We could never find a pencil or a roll of tape. The scissors were never where I thought they should be. The paint palettes were against the … Read more

Getting Organized with the NeatDesk Scanner

NeatDesk review

Organization, like weight loss and laundry, requires daily effort. This is a realization I’ve come to only recently. I don’t like to work hard, so organization has been a constant struggle in which I feel like the loser in tug-of-war. I work for a company that makes an organization app. I have several planners and organizational devices. I just haven’t been able to figure out why they couldn’t keep me organized. I know the reason. No matter how great the organizational system, it only works if I use it. I’ve always been curious about the Neat company, having seen advertisements … Read more

My New Schedule featuring Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

A few weeks ago, I talked about my time management struggles. There’s no doubt that my time management woes were partly caused by the bipolar disorder with which I would soon be diagnosed. However. I can’t blame it all on being bipolar. I am the queen of procrastination. I’ve done a stellar job of putting off organizing my time.  No schedule, no routine, no organization to our days beyond eating when we’re hungry. I asked some girlfriends who work from home with little kids how they do it. I thought about organizing my time. I printed out Tell Your Time … Read more

Homeschool Planning

We are new to homeschooling. I just stopped working in the last few months, and we were very loose and child-led this past year. However. Grace just turned 4, and we are beginning a daily pre-k program (at home) in September. In short, I need to get organized and start planning. When Joe and I decided to homeschool the girls, we knew that it would be a lot of work. The work is not daunting. The paperwork and the organization are very, very daunting, though, because I’m not an organized person by nature. Quite the opposite, in fact. When I … Read more

Save Your Sanity – Put Things Where They Belong

That sounds like a simple statement, doesn’t it? Put things where they belong. Take care of your stuff. Make sure you put one thing away before moving on to something else. Easy lessons to repeat; hard lessons to learn. I learned them this week, Dear Reader. Let me start by saying that I have very sensitive skin, and I do not wear my wedding and engagement rings every day. They’re stunning, and I love them, but if I wore them all the time, I’d have a constant red, itchy rash on my ring finger. If I leave them off a … Read more