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The Fold – #iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Week Five

iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge

The photos you’re about to see (or may already have noticed), are all wrong. If I’d thought this through, I would’ve worn makeup and jewelry in the after picture. I would’ve had the after picture taken outside, away from fluorescent light and white walls. Oh well, right? Here are my before and after pictures: (For the sake of transparency, my before picture is from October, but I weighed exactly the same when this challenge started in January.) My Results – Weight I lost a few ounces this week. I weight 308.8 last week, and I think it was 308.0 this … Read more

#iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Week Four

Last week’s little virus turned into the flu. I wouldn’t have known it was the flu, except that I woke up with pink eye on Wednesday and had to go to the doctor for eye drops. My week didn’t go as well as I’d planned exercise-wise, but I also had virtually no appetite, so it worked out in the end. {I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. If I were you, I’d think What a nut. right now.} I did manage to get in a couple of workouts, even one heavy-duty Leslie Sansone cardio walking episode, but for the most part, … Read more

#iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge – Week Three

Every single time I have ever started an exercise program, I have gotten sick during the second or third week. Every time, without exception. Well, this is the beginning of the third week. And I’m sick. Last year, Leah Segedie (founder of Mamavation) told me it’s because I shock my system with the sudden changes in eating and exercise. I woke up yesterday morning with a deep, painful cough, a sore throat, and aches and pains all over. I mean, aches and pains over and above the aches and pains I whined about last week. And I thought last week … Read more

Forward Progress

Today is the last day of the first week of the #iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge. Are you ready for a little whining? I need to whine. My entire body hurts. There is not a muscle group in my body that feels good. They are all sore and tired. Most of my joints ache and are stiff. I would rather lie in bed than get up and go about my business. Frankly, I think there might be a tinge of depression at work here, but there’s also a lot of (over)exertion. I’m not sure if my pain is related to working out … Read more

Stalled But Not Defeated

You know the time you tried to lose weight, but you defeated yourself before you even got going? You wanted to lose some weight, but you really didn’t want to sweat or pass on the soda or eat healthier foods. You wanted the end result, but not the hard work that is required to get there. How’d that work out for you? For me, not so well. My first week of the iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge sponsored by Omron Fitness didn’t go as I intended it. I’m supposed to report how much weight I’ve lost so far. And I haven’t lost any. I … Read more

#iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge

My highest weight ever was just after my pregnancy with Grace. I weighed 365 pounds. Before I got pregnant with Allie, I lost about 35 pounds. By the time she was a few months old, though, I was back up to 355. Remember last year when I participated in a Bible-based weight loss program and a challenge with Omron Fitness and Mamavation? I wore a pedometer and took pictures of my progress using a heart rate monitor. I lost a total of 45 pounds in 2012, mostly during the Omron challenge. I think it was a success. I’ve kept almost all of the … Read more