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“I Killed My Stove”

Grace called Old Grandma last night to ask if she’d buy some Girl Scout cookies. Old Grandma was happy to oblige, and she ordered 5 boxes, more than enough to push Grace over her goal. Finished soliciting, Grace handed me the phone so that I could chat with Old Grandma. We’ve been trying to schedule a visit to Old Grandma’s for over two months – alternating sickness and bad weather have prevented us from going every free weekend we’ve had. “The new doctor down at the clinic thinks I’m quite a character,” she said. “You are quite a character,” I replied. Old … Read more

Road Trip to Old Grandma’s – A Photo Essay

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review - VES

Old Grandma lives in the Boonies. There is no cable. There is no internet. There is no radio or telephone. Okay, I’m exaggerating. There is radio, and there is telephone. There’s even cellular reception, allowing me to use my iPhone for some semblance of the outside world. Because I knew in advance that I’d be driving a super fancy luxury Chrysler Town and Country with a video entertainment system, I planned to drive it to Old Grandma’s house in the Boonies. If I’d known about the CarFi system, I might have tried to work while I was there. I didn’t, … Read more

Visiting Old Grandma

Angry Birds Game

Last week, I was down. I felt blue, like I was taking small steps along the path to full-on depression. Between Joe Paterno’s death, work stress, and cyber school stress, I was teary-eyed and sad and having a hard time coping with my life. Wednesday night, I noticed a big hole in my schedule for Thursday through Sunday.  I also noticed higher than normal temperatures and a lack of winter weather in the forecast. Sounded to me like the perfect equation for a trip to Old Grandma’s house. I called her on Wednesday night around 10 o’clock and told her … Read more

Old Grandma

allie and old grandma

Oh, how I love spending time at Old Grandma’s house. While I was looking through the pictures I took there, I realized that there is nothing on earth quite like seeing my grandmother cuddle and love my children. Nothing can compare to this. Or to this. My heart smiles as big as they do. Old Grandma said to me yesterday, “Every one is different. Every baby is different; every person is different. You never know what they’ll grow up to be or do or like.” I know that to be true. Allie and Grace could not be more different. They … Read more

My Heart Sings

I’ve been sitting on these chairs in this kitchen for thirty years and three months. Freezer, dryer, rusting sink – all exactly the same as I remember. Table and chairs – the only thing missing is my Grandpa. (He passed away in 1991.) Stove, refrigerator, microwave – Stuffed full of food, just like I remember. Be careful when you open the door. I could write a book about each individual item in this house. From the pink walls to the dead flies in the light to the peg board to the dishes decorated with tree-stars, every single object is ripe … Read more

Sharing wonderful

When I was little, my family lived across the road and through the field from my Grandma. She didn’t have a swing or a swimming pool or any of the fancy things I think Gracie needs now, and I never missed them. In fact, those were the best days.During our Christmas travels, I took Joe and Gracie exploring (on foot! I didn’t make that mistake twice.) around Grandma’s yard and nearby fields. We found my favorite tree, the bouncy tree with the long branches that bounce when you jump up and down on them. The limb my sister and I … Read more