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12 Bedtime Questions to Ask Your Kids

I know that some parents hate bedtime, but it has always been such a sweet, special part of my day. I cherish the moments when I lie in bed with my girls, talking and sharing and connecting in a way that doesn’t seem to happen when the lights are on. We never deviate from our bedtime routine. Kids find order and stability in routine, and it really helps to get them settled down and ready for sleeping. Here’s our routine:   Clean up the toy messes in the living room and in their bedroom. Brush teeth. Put on jammies. Read … Read more

Our Family Bed

Just after publishing When Breast Isn’t Best (where I was thinking a lot about the pressures that we put on moms and the guilt that follows and how parents have to make hard choices based on what’s best for our whole families), I saw a Tweet from my friend, Sara, about her post called “The Family Bed: When Did You Stop Co-Sleeping?” Sara explained how each of her three children slept in her bed or in their own bed, by their choice or by the necessity of the situation. She did what was best for her family – for each … Read more

I’m Back to Rocking My Baby

If you’ve been reading Feels like Home for a while, you might remember that I rocked my baby to sleep every night of her first year. Somewhere around her first birthday, Grace stopped allowing me to rock her to sleep, instead preferring her daddy to do it. I pouted a little, but after I thought about it, I was glad to give them time alone together and happy for some quiet time for myself. I didn’t rock Grace to sleep a single time during the next seven or eight months. Not even once. If I tried, she would tell me … Read more