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DIY Tassel Necklaces for Stylish Ladies

I love bright colors. All colors. Well, maybe all colors except yellow. Yellow is not my favorite. Tassels have been the in thing in jewelry for quite a number of years now, and I have a few different pieces of jewelry with tassels on them, but I saw a colorful tassel necklace at a store recently and was inspired to make my own. I thought these necklaces came out so well that I made six of them – three for me, two for Grace (who’s 10), and one for Allie (who’s 7). I love how easy these necklaces are to … Read more

Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway

You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? That’s not true for me. Personalized jewelry is my best friend. Initials, names, birthstones, little teeny faces. As long as it’s personalized, I’ll love it. As you might imagine, I am over the moon about this necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs – I don’t feel the need to say anything else about it because it speaks for itself. I have had my eye on a couple of Lisa’s necklaces for months. I just adore them. This is my other favorite. You know, the one I’ll be ordering next week. … Read more