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10 Best Books for Kids About the Death of a Pet

When a pet dies, children sometimes don't know how to handle their sad feelings. Some don't understand what death means and don't understand that they will never see their beloved pet again. These 10 kids books will help to explain what has happened on a child's level and will help them understand the tough emotions they are facing. Includes both religious and non-religious books, cats, dogs, mice, and goldfish.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen that my sweet kitty, Sammy, died two weeks ago. He was 16. Sammy was the third of our kitties to pass in about three years which makes it that much worse. They were all pretty old, but that also means that all three were part of the family for my kids’ entire lives.  Sammy was the best cat I ever had by far. He was very friendly and liked to be scratched and cuddled. He liked to be with me wherever I was. He sat on my lap … Read more

Loving and Losing and Gaining Even More

Last Wednesday, we had to put our beloved Zeus to sleep. He was almost 15. He predated my kids, my husband, and even my house. We had been together longer than anyone in my adult life. What’s more is that he died on December 30, two years to the day after I had to put his sister to sleep. To say I was sad that day is an understatement. I was devastated. I’d had a feeling he was sick, but had been living in denial for a few weeks. In the end, it turns out that he really was sick, … Read more

I’m Pleased to Introduce My Kitties

When you’re a childless pet owner, your pets are your babies. Without question. They just are. As the movie Lady and the Tramp suggests, the furry babies eventually take a back seat to the hairless ones in terms of attention and affection, but they are no less dear to your heart. I’ve mentioned this cat or that one before, but when the SHEBA® brand invited me to write about my cat’s personality, I couldn’t write about just one. George & Gracie The day before I signed the papers on my new house, just weeks after I graduated from college, I … Read more

Gracie-Cat, the Vultures, and SHEBA® Cat Food

If you paid attention on Facebook or Twitter, you know that one of my beloved kitties passed away on December 30. She was the first cat I got as an adult, and I had to make the choice to continue treatments or end her suffering. If you’ve ever had to make that choice, you know how hard it is. Excruciating, but made slightly easier given my experience with my mom and her cancer and treatments. There were a number of issues over the last month, but the end result was that Gracie-cat (who was just plain Gracie until I named … Read more

I Bite the Cat

I was working this afternoon when Allie came over. Mommy! I bite the cat! “You what?!” I asked, hoping I’d heard her incorrectly. I bite the cat! “You bit the cat?!” Yes, I bite Sammy. “Why did you bite Sammy?” I bite Sammy! “Did Sammy bite you back?” No! I bite Sammy! “He should have. Biting is not nice.” I bite cat! I didn’t see her bite the cat, and I cannot imagine biting a cat. Also, I cannot imagine the cat sitting idly and allowing himself to be bitten. So either Allie has discovered the art of imaginary stories or … Read more