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It Never Goes Away, But It Does Get Better

Before your first child is born, you think you understand parenthood. You are sure you’re prepared. You have strong opinions and all the answers. Then the baby comes, and you realize that you didn’t even know how much you didn’t know. You realize that you were clueless and completely unprepared for the reality of parenting. You understand that all parents share a special bond because we’ve all experienced the same floundering. You realize that no one without children can comprehend the confusing mix of emotions you’re experiencing or the depth of those feelings. Losing your mother is just like becoming … Read more

How Do You Manage Your Time as a Work-At-Home-Mom?

I have been overwhelmed by my life lately. I’m not sure if it’s PPD lingering or if it’s overcommitment or a combination, but I am struggling with my new role as a full-time work-at-home-mom of two. Struggling is the tip of the iceberg, to tell you the truth. I feel like a fraud. I have been getting emails from other moms asking how I do it. They say things like, I feel like such a failure. I wish I knew how you manage to keep it all together! You’re doing so many things, and you’re so successful! How do you … Read more

When I Look in the Mirror

Another Five Minute Friday. This time, the theme is When I Look in the Mirror. When I look in the mirror, I see a happy girl. I look the same as when I was 25. Same dark curly hair highlighted with strands of white. Same big smile. Same round cheeks. Same double chin. Same singular dimple. Same chubby, womanly body. I am so glad to again be soft and lumpy instead of pregnant. A young mom looks back at me from the mirror. She is tired and imperfect and completely satisfied with her life. A flawed wife looks back at … Read more

An Idle Threat

I had to make an idle threat this morning. Most mornings, Grace throws a fit and says that she doesn’t want to go to school. Most days, there are tears. I think it may be a show on my behalf, but I can’t be sure. She really wants to stay home. With me. I get it. I really want to stay home. With her. At any rate, I am still teaching, so we have to get ready and get out the door each day. This morning, Grace was exhausted. Call me crazy, but I blame the internal clock that wakes … Read more