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Happy Birthday, Grace!

My big girl turned 4 last week. For the first time ever, I did not get teary about her birthday. Why, you ask? Because I don’t have time to be teary. I have a little baby who wants me to hold her 24/7 and eats every time I stand up to do something. It’s life. Also? (This is twisted, I will readily admit. I don’t like it. I really dislike it, in fact.) My little baby is so little and needy and demanding that I no longer wish Grace to be little again. I’m perfectly okay with her growing up … Read more

My Homeschool Conundrum

Did you catch my mini revelation in yesterday’s announcement? I’m homeschooling my children. Joe and I came to this agreement a year or so ago, but we were mum about the decision out of respect for my (now former) employer. How We Have Been Doing Homeschool Preschool In the fall, I wrote a guest post for Amy at Raising Arrows about how I was doing homeschool preschool with Grace. As the year (and my pregnancy) progressed, our plans changed out of necessity. At first, I thought we needed curricula. We started with Hooked on Phonics Pre-K through Grade 2 Handwriting … Read more

Grace’s Drawings

Momma, she said, I like when you stay home with me. “I like it, too,” I replied. You can go back to work when me and Allie die, okay? “That sounds like a great plan, Baby.” There’s only one person in our immediate family with curly hair. Guess who it is. It makes me feel good to be so often drawn. That’s you, Momma! That’s you, Momma! Guess who this is, Momma. Are you gonna guess? Are you? It’s YOU! I love it, even if  I get a clown nose in every drawing. My cup runneth over.

The Things Kids Say

One of the joys of parenting my 3-year-old is listening to her. She talks non-stop during her waking hours. Non. Stop. Some of the things she comes up with leave me speechless. Every day is an adventure. I am not alone. Other people’s kids come up with crazy things, too. I bet Daddy has some big ones. {It is exactly what you think.} Are you KIDDING me?! It’s like we’re on a date! You were fat. And I kicked you in the tummy. {OH MY. This one had me rolling.} Mom. You know those first people that God made? The … Read more

We Forgot the Babies

Joe and Grace spent this past weekend with my in-laws. There was a party to honor Joe’s deceased Grandmother, and they used it as an opportunity to have a sleepover and a two-day visit. Allie and I stayed home. With her getting out of the hospital just a week ago, Joe and I thought it best for us to stay away from the party. Grace, as you might imagine, was elated to sleepover with Nana and PopPop. She was equally excited to play with her father’s childhood toys and (I suspect) to have her father’s undivided attention. While I fed … Read more

An Impossible Choice

Allison is in the hospital. She has RSV. She is congested and struggling to breathe, needing oxygen, breathing treatments, medicine, and lots of love. She cries a lot because she isn’t allowed to eat (too much mucus), and she is most uncomfortable. Allie needs her momma. Grace is at home. Grace’s baby sister, the one she waited for for so long, is very sick. Her sister is in the hospital, and she isn’t allowed to visit. Grace has a bad cold (probably caused by RSV), so she’s a little more tired, a little more whiny, and a little less patient … Read more