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myAgenda Mini Review & Giveaway

momagenda mini-daily review

As part of my work with the momAgenda Council of Media Moms, I get free products from time to time. I love the momAgenda products, but a girl can only use so many planners. When I was asked to do a review and giveaway for the Christmas season, I decided to try a product for which I have absolutely no use. I settled on the myAgenda Mini, a planner designed for busy women – with or without children. Like the momAgenda planners that I love, the myAgenda has lots of spaces for activities, phone numbers, medical information, expense records, vacation … Read more

The First Day of School featuring the MomAgenda School Years

MomAgenda School Years

Today was the first day of school in the school district we live in. It didn’t affect us all that much, but I was most certainly aware of it. I am happily out of touch with school right now. With Grace turning 4 and beginning the homeschool process in earnest, I had been thinking about getting her a memory book related to school. I’m one of those moms who has to have a memory book for everything. We have a memory book for birthday memories, and a memory book for wedding memories, and a memory book for baby shower memories. … Read more

Council of Media Moms featuring a MomAgenda Coupon Code

I remember clearly when I learned about momAgenda on Cool Mom Picks. It was 2007. I was finishing graduate school, working full time, recently married and expecting my first baby. After reading the (short) review, I had to have one. That very day, I went to the website and ordered a day planner in lime green and a Kitchen Folio in blue. I have admired momAgenda ever since; those two products helped me to feel put together at home, at school, and at work. At this stage of my life – a 30-ish mom with two young children, a home … Read more