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40 Printable Positive Affirmations for Christian Kids (Especially for Anxiety)

40 positive affirmations for Christian kids - You will find tons of encouragement and inspiration for anxiety and anxious, worried thoughts in these 40 printable positive affirmations cards for Christian kids. Calm, peaceful thoughts for kids with anxiety, these inspiring words will expose the truths of God's word in a meaningful, repeatable way.

  Kids (and adults) who struggle with anxiety often have the same thoughts over and over, thoughts of gloom and doom, of worst case scenarios, of tragedy and disruption to their lives. Without meaning to, they meditate on these thoughts all through the day and often through the night. The negative thoughts color how they see the whole world, quite without their permission. Positive affirmations are short statements that can be read and/or said aloud over and over daily and especially when one needs a boost. Positive affirmations can go a long way in drowning out the worries and anxieties … Read more

40 Positive Affirmations for Christian Moms (with printable)

You know that little voice in your head, the one who tells you that you’re not good enough? …the one that tells you that your family is rude or obnoxious or doesn’t appreciate you? …the one that tells you can’t do it? Do you have a voice like that? I do, and I think you do, too. Some people call that voice the enemy. Some people call it the voice of sin or the voice of the flesh. Whatever you call it, it is ugly, and it is not from God. The Holy Spirit, the other small voice we hear, … Read more

13 Bible Verses to Encourage You in Times of Stress

My new job is stressful. There are a lot of balls to juggle and much more information than my feeble brain can handle. Every day, I feel like I am one forgotten tidbit away from total failure. It’s not that I’m afraid of failure; it’s more like a constant pressure to remember every little thing and act on it. Do you feel stressed? It doesn’t matter whether your stress is job stress or kid stress or financial stress or household mess stress. It all weighs down on us. Stress is not worry exactly. I’ve shared Bible verses on worry and anxiety before, … Read more

Faking Joy – 26 Ways to Deal When You Feel Like You’re Coming Unglued

Faking Joy - how to deal when you feel like youre coming unglued

Joe has been working longer and longer hours thanks to the busy summer construction season. His overtime doesn’t make me happy at all. When I get stressed out and ticked off about his hours, I become less patient with the kids at their most difficult part of the day – the late afternoon. I get tense and angry. I don’t often come totally unglued but I become a totally unpleasant person. Subsequently, my kids become totally unpleasant people. Then we’re all miserable. When I divert my attention, when I can fake joy, I turn my day around. I am in control of my … Read more

What To Do During Your Quiet Time with God

What to do during your quiet time with God

Anyone who’s ever made a major life change knows that it happens one small step at a time. Eating better, drinking more water, exercising regularly, handling money more responsibly, getting more sleep, spending time daily with God. All of these goals are hard to achieve, requiring big adjustments to my everyday lifestyle, but those big adjustments never seem to stick. Small changes, baby steps, are a lot easier to implement and a lot easier to maintain. I was compensated by Puritan’s Pride for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. So my one small step was a daily quiet time. … Read more

How to Find Time for Quiet Time (Without Waking Up Earlier)

How to Have Quiet Time Without Getting Up Earlier

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed my need for daily quiet time, and my intention to find or make the time for it each morning. It was my one small change, the little thing I committed to in order to improve my health and my life. I was compensated by Puritan’s Pride for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. I haven’t managed to have quiet time every single day, but I have done it enough to see its impact on my life, to see the significance of His presence in my days. I’ve started to journal my prayers … Read more