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Forward Progress

Today is the last day of the first week of the #iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge. Are you ready for a little whining? I need to whine. My entire body hurts. There is not a muscle group in my body that feels good. They are all sore and tired. Most of my joints ache and are stiff. I would rather lie in bed than get up and go about my business. Frankly, I think there might be a tinge of depression at work here, but there’s also a lot of (over)exertion. I’m not sure if my pain is related to working out … Read more

Back On Track

My weight loss is back on track

I stepped on the scale this morning, holding my breath. When I realized that my lungs were full of air, and air has weight, I stepped off the scale, breathed out as long as I could, and stepped back on, holding my breath. Do you think that’s neurotic? Wait, don’t tell me. I’m pretty sure it is, so I’ll just assume the answer is yes. The scale reports that I’ve dropped back to my pre-illness weight and lost another 0.2 pounds. I’m okay with that. 0.2 pounds is deceptive. Since stepping on the scale six days ago, I have actually … Read more


This is my before picture, taken January 2, 2010. I love the shirt I’m wearing, but I”ll be really happy when it doesn’t fit any more. At the moment, it fits. Weight isn’t coming off as fast as I would like it to. Today is March 4. I’ve been working really hard on losing weight for two months. I lost 16.6 pounds in the first month and 2.2 pounds in the second month. I am frustrated. Nothing is happening. I’ll lose 2 pounds; I’ll gain 3 pounds; I’ll lose 2 pounds again. I’m not watching my food intake, and I … Read more

Exercising with EA Sports Active

Most days, Grace wakes up in my bed. Most days, I wake up to exercise at 5 am. Most days, my alarm wakes Grace up at 5 am. Most days, Grace exercises with me. Her legs are too small for the leg strap, so we had to make adjustments. How cute is she? She’s even cuter when she’s lifting her left arm, then right arm, then left arm. Some days, I get up early just to exercise with her. I think she loves it as much as I do. Stop by tomorrow to hear the rest of the story. It’s … Read more

7 Down, 93 To Go

I have a confession to make. It’s not what you think. I like to exercise. For thirty years, I have hated exercise. Loathed it. I’d do anything to avoid getting myself up off the couch and running or walking around. I always read that you have to find an exercise you like, and then it isn’t work any more. I never believed it. Until now. I have been doing my EA Sports Active Personal Trainer almost every day, and I like it. The workouts are becoming easier, and I look forward to doing them. Sometimes, Joe works out with me. … Read more