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90 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse (Free Printable)

90 ways to reconnect with your spouse ( husband or wife ) and improve your marriage. Simple ideas and conversation starters for building a solid relationship after baby, with parenting duties, or during a busy season. Could even work after an affair or separation, to help rekindle the spark you once had. Lots of simple ideas and fun dates to enjoy your life together.

Throughout the last few years, Joe and I have gradually grown apart. I slept with Allie in her bed, and he slept in our bed. We never hugged or kissed and often didn’t even usually have nice words for one another. Joe and I have seen a therapist for emotionally focused therapy for years and years, maybe seven? It’s been a long time, even though EFT is supposed to be a short-term solution. We both have a lot of childhood issues to work out, and they have had lasting effects on our relationships with people in general, but especially with … Read more

101 More Ways to Love Your Husband

101 Ways to love your husband - A happy marriage doesn't just happen. You have to be intentional about romance and fun and these tips and ideas will help you woo any guy and make him feel like your boyfriend. Date nights, treats, acts of service, and lots of other advice.

Five years ago, I wrote a list of 75 ways to love your kids. Loving my kids comes naturally to me; it’s like breathing. I grew them in my body. I know them as well as one person can know another. They are with me nearly every minute of every day. They’re little; I can explain away most of their annoying qualities. Loving my husband, on the other hand, is not like breathing. He’s an adult with grown-up feelings and grown-up responsibilities and grown-up caustic remarks. He’s also got plenty of annoying qualities that are not easily explained away (and … Read more

30 Ways to Help Siblings Get Along

30 ways to help siblings get along - You want to build better relationships between your children. This free printable of simple activities and tips will have your kids loving their brothers and sisters all day long!

A long time ago, I read a really good book called Siblings Without Rivalry. It’s been so long ago in fact that I just bought the audio version to listen to when I’m doing chores around the house (which, as you know, is not that often, but I will get it finished!). Here’s how the book opens: I secretly believed that sibling rivalry was something that happened to other people’s children. Somewhere in my brain lay the smug thought that I could outsmart the green-eyed monster by never doing any of the obvious things that all the other parents did … Read more

35 Bible Verses on Love & Marriage

Have you heard someone say before that God created marriage as a gift to men and women? I would like to think that’s true, but marriage is hard work. Am I right? Joe and I are committed to each other and to our marriage, but that doesn’t change the fact that we both (as introverts who don’t like to talk about our feelings) find it a formidable challenge most days. We squabble about the kids, we squabble about money, we squabble about my overcommitting the family. Sometimes, we bicker about nothing. It takes a lot of work and effort to … Read more

60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

A few weeks ago, I got 2 new tattoos on my wrists – live fully with my little blog birdie and love fully with a cross. I get strange looks from people who ask about them; the connection between love and the cross isn’t as obvious to everyone else as it is to me. Christ is love. He loved everyone: the sick, the old, the poor, the sinners, the slaves, his friends, his enemies, all humanity. He loved, and I aspire to love like that. That love is what random acts of kindness are all about. Random acts of kindness … Read more

75 Ways to Love Your Kids

75 Ways to Love Your Kids

A long time ago, a wise friend told me that love isn’t something that you feel; it’s something that you do. I like that definition because it emphasizes that loving is a choice, not something that strikes you – or doesn’t. Don’t let this list leave you feeling guilty or inferior. No parent can do all of these things every day or even every week. They are merely suggestions, things you can do to love your kids even on days when you aren’t in the mood. Say “I love you,” especially when you’re angry with them. It’s then they most … Read more