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What is Rainbow Writing and How Does It Help Emerging Writers?

rainbow writing and emerging writers

When we first started homeschooling, I saw rainbow writing all over the place, and I couldn’t figure it out. Back then, Grace resisted all writing practice, and I didn’t really investigate. Now that Grace enjoys tolerates writing practice, and she adores rainbows, I gave it another chance. A lot of people use the term rainbow writing in a lot of different ways. Here’s how we do it: Handwriting Practice I’ve written before about how she first taught herself to write and then had to relearn how to form the numbers and letters correctly. Once in a while, I still have her practice forming the … Read more

Learning The Best Way

Logic of English review

Grace taught herself to write when she was 3.  Let that sink in for a moment. She taught herself how to form the letters. At that time, I was pregnant, on bed rest, then had a brand new baby and fragile mental health. No one worked with her. No one corrected her mistakes. Grace practiced over and over, writing her name and my name and random letters and numbers here and there – and she practiced many of them incorrectly. For the last year, I’ve worked diligently with Grace to correct her handwriting. She forms letters in the wrong way, … Read more

A is for Crocodile

Grace has known for a year or more that her name is spelled G-R-A-C-E. She has been able to recognize that combination of letters where ever they were written, and she knows the word if you spell it out loud. I just realized this week, however, that Grace doesn’t recognize the letter R, the letter A, or the letter E when she sees them outside of her name. She recognizes most of the letters by sight, so I was really surprised that she didn’t know those three. They’re sorta important, you know? To try to help her with the letters … Read more