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Mama, You Are Doing a Great Job With Those Children

Encouragement quotes for women and moms. This inspiration was the words of God said through an elderly woman at the thrift store. Truths about life as a Christian mom with kids. Thoughts on the heart and children.

I have been doing some behind the scenes work on my blog, and I found this post buried among numbered lists and recipes. Reading it warmed my soul and reminded me that what I do every day matters. It matters a lot, in the broken world and in the kingdom of God and in the hearts of my children. It matters. I matter, and you matter, too, my sweet friend. I originally published the following blog post on October 14, 2013, but it is every bit as relevant today as it was then. I had completely forgotten about the incident, … Read more

10 Tips to Exercise With Your Kids

exercising as a family

This is a post I originally published in October 2012, but it seems appropriate to republish now. I’m 6 months post bariatric gastric sleeve surgery, and I make my girls go on a walk with me every day. We walk about 1.5 miles at lunch, although I’m thinking about adding a second walk after work. 10 Tips to Exercise With Your Kids According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, if one parent is obese, there is a 50 percent chance that their children will also be obese. When exercise becomes part of the family culture, everyone wins. … Read more

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

Free printable active Easter basket scavenger hunt for Easter morning - A treasure hunt is a great way to find your Easter basket. This hunt for kids uses rhymes and riddles as clues. Awesome active fun in riddles. Great for families at home. Non-religious. Easy clues using both indoor and outdoor spots.

A few weeks ago, we read Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter in which Pinkalicious and her brother get sent on a scavenger hunt by the Easter bunny. They end up in her bedroom, discovering a huge basket full of goodies. You can guess what is coming, right? Grace very quietly asked me if our Easter bunny might send her on a scavenger hunt. I gave a noncommittal “Maybe.” And then a few days later, she asked again whether I thought our Easter bunny might be able to manage a scavenger hunt to help her and Allie find their Easter baskets. I told her, “We’ll … Read more

20 Questions to Ask Your Kids Printable

I spent all weekend cleaning up blog posts. My recipe plugin hadn’t been updated in over a year, and it was causing some backend problems on my site. I couldn’t write or edit any posts, so it was time to dump it and get something new. I did that, and then I had to import over 300 recipes. It took a long time. While I was sitting outside with my laptop, watching the girls play, Grace asked if she could write a blog post. “Yeah, what do you want to talk about?” I asked. “Isabella,” she said. That’s her American … Read more

123 Easter Basket Ideas

I love all the holidays, and all the special non-holiday holidays that my kids and I have come up with. I love to celebrate all the moments. It just so happens that making Easter baskets is a big part of springtime for me. I look forward to it as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, and I have lots of Easter basket ideas to help you fill yours. Easter happens to be the holiest of holidays in the Christian faith, remembering the sacrifice Jesus made in giving His life to cleanse all humanity’s sins and restore us to a right relationship … Read more

A Kids’ Bucket List – 82 Things Every Kid Should Do Before They Grow Up

Kids' Bucket List - Almost 100 ideas and experiences that every kid should have. Some for boys, but mostly for girls. Year round fun for summer, winter, spring, and fall. These are the activities and things that all children should 'do before I die.' Awesome ideas for friends and family road trips and vacations. Mom and Dad will have great memories of childhood as well as their kids.

I grew up in a trailer home in the boonies, over the hill, through the woods, and across the dirt road from Old Grandma (who still lives there). I remember distinctly the very first time I ever went into the big city (Pittsburgh). I gazed at the groups of people standing on street corners, waiting to cross, and the long lines of cars and the tall buildings. I saw people who looked different from me. I was completely in awe. I must have been about five years old. My kids have had a decidedly different experience. They have iPads and … Read more