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101 Awesome Mommy-Daughter or Mommy-Son Date Ideas to Fit Any Budget

101 mom & daughter or mother and son date ideas for quality one on one time together - Awesome tips for mommy and children to build a strong relationship. Kids need special time with their parents and these fun activities are perfect. Even good for dads!

Spending one-on-one time with your kids is so very important to your development of a strong, healthy relationship. It builds trust and creates shared memories and develops a bond that will help you when times get tough and discipline is required.  My husband complains constantly about our special dates (too expensive, unnecessary, why can’t we spend time all together as a family?), but I insist on them. Kids need focused one-on-one attention with each parent. Unfortunately, special dates can get in a big old rut when you have them frequently. We do ours once a month with each kid (so … Read more