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17 Easy Ways to Develop a Positive Outlook

17 easy ways to develop a positive mindset - The power of a positive outlook is great and far-reaching. Inspiration and motivation for healthy thinking at work and at school. These activities, tips, and ideas work for women and men and even kids and teens. Lots of Christian life thoughts for making you happy through prayer, scripture, and more.

I wrote in a post in 2013 called 13 Bible verses to overcome disappointment. I said that I was not born an optimist, and I don’t think anybody really is. What a depressing thought, but it was 100% true for me at the time. I have good news for you. In the years since that, I have grown into an optimist. Mostly. I have developed those skills, and now I usually see the world through rosy glasses, though I will be the first to admit that I still have snarky and sarcastic moments once in a while. Why does a positive … Read more

25 Bible Verses on Joy & Happiness

25 Bible verses on joy & happiness. These encouraging scriptures will bring gladness and lasting joy to your life. The words and truths of The Lord God and Jesus Christ will lift you up and give you strength. Beautiful Christian thoughts for my heart.

There have been times in my life when I had joy and times when I had no joy. Looking back, the times when I had no joy are much more clear and well-defined: When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and up through (and beyond, if I’m being honest) her death nine months later When I got laid off from a job I loved When I was on pregnancy bed rest and had to lie down 23 hours a day for more than 8 weeks When I had postpartum depression, up through being diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a … Read more

25 Simple & Easy Habits to Make You a Happy Mom Even When Life is Hard

While this has not always been the case, I am a genuinely happy person these days. My life is stressful, don’t get me wrong: I worry daily about whether I’m doing a good enough job for my husband and children. I am battling a raging food addiction and trying unsuccessfully to work the steps in a 12-step program. My house is an embarrassing mess, and I am overcommitted. But at the end of the day, I am content with the way things are and don’t generally feel bitter or angry or resentful. I have great joy in Jesus and in … Read more

35 Almost Daily Habits That Make Life Great

35 Almost Daily Habits of Successful People - These simple, easy tips and ideas will lead you to to start the great life you want! Morning and evening routines to lead a healthy life. Amazing list of good ideas for women and men. Best ideas that will change your life. Includes workout and exercise as well as diet and family activities.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know that I am uber productive. I work full-time, homeschool my kids, cultivate a family lifestyle of fun, blog consistently, and make lots of time for self-care. These things don’t happen by accident. In fact, I am very intentional about most of my habits, and that makes me happy and productive. I get questions all the time about how I do it all (which is a misnomer because I most definitely don’t do it all as you will see below), so I set out to write a post about some of my … Read more

Faking Joy – 26 Ways to Deal When You Feel Like You’re Coming Unglued

Faking Joy - how to deal when you feel like youre coming unglued

Joe has been working longer and longer hours thanks to the busy summer construction season. His overtime doesn’t make me happy at all. When I get stressed out and ticked off about his hours, I become less patient with the kids at their most difficult part of the day – the late afternoon. I get tense and angry. I don’t often come totally unglued but I become a totally unpleasant person. Subsequently, my kids become totally unpleasant people. Then we’re all miserable. When I divert my attention, when I can fake joy, I turn my day around. I am in control of my … Read more