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10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

I have said often that I am okay having Santa Claus deliver big piles of gifts on Christmas Eve because I am confident that my kids know why we’re celebrating to begin with. But how do they know? It’s not like any child pauses in the middle of tearing wrapping paper to reflect on Jesus and the gift of His birth. Let’s get real. It takes conscious effort, continual reinforcement, and intentional activities on my part for my kids to understand and remember that Jesus IS The Gift. It doesn’t just happen. My pastor’s sermon today was about giving, giving … Read more

Cross Resist Paintings for Preschoolers and Big Kids

How to do Cross Resist Paintings for Easter or any time of year

This is one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. We tried some resist painting using stickers a few months ago. It went well at first, but the stickers got too wet and let behind half of the sticker paper on the canvas. Someday, I’ll blog those pictures. The finished paintings look great, but the process was more difficult than I expected. Because we were making crosses this time (for Easter but really, is there a time of year when the cross is not timely and relevant?), I knew painter’s tape would work out … Read more

Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and the Last Minute

Jesus, The Easter Bunny, and the Last Minute

So far this Easter season, Grace has attended an Easter party and an Easter egg hunt, counted a myriad of jelly beans, made an Easter egg out of buttons, played with an Easter egg sensory bin, made Rice Krispies nests, conducted taste tests with jelly beans, grown crystals in Easter eggs, read Easter stories (favorites – The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes {which I love, love, love, love!} and Fancy Nancy {because she enhances every holiday}, and crafted countless bunnies with and without baskets. Living fully, right? We’ve had a great time. The thing about living fully is … Read more

God Spoke To Me – And Not How You Think

God spoke to me

You’ll never guess where it happened. My Sunday School class is more like a book discussion group. We read a book together and discuss one chapter each Sunday. It’s led by our pastor and his wife, and they choose books that really push my thinking about God and what He does and does not do. Three weeks ago, we read a chapter on prayer. The main point of the chapter was that when we pray, we should be listening instead of talking. The author explained that God already knows what’s on our hearts, so our telling Him is more for … Read more


What do you do when you find yourself stuck with no snow brush and enough snow on your car to make a  respectable snowman? It was 9:30 at night, the coldest night of the year so far, and Grace was awake at home, waiting for me to arrive and put her to bed. As usual, I was wearing a thin short-sleeve t-shirt, no coat, no gloves, and no socks. I knew we were supposed to get snow, but I didn’t think about it. The blower inside my car was useless. Not sure what else to do, I balanced on the … Read more

10 Ways to Celebrate the Advent

advent books

Advent, the month immediately preceding Christmas, is a time of happiness, celebration, and hopeful anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. There’s a lot of evidence that He wasn’t actually born in December, but that’s when we celebrate it, so let’s not debate about the timing, okay? Our Advent festivities begin on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (November 28 this year) but many people celebrate from December 1 to 25. That means you have time to put something together! Because Advent is such an important part of our Christmas season, I wanted to share a smattering of Advent crafts and … Read more