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I am a Strong Mom

I am happy to announce that I am a Similac StrongMom Ambassador. I’m excited to represent the StrongMom app because it was exactly what we needed when we struggled with Allie’s growth during those early days. She didn’t gain weight at all for her first three weeks. It was a scary, exhausting, awful time – but I didn’t have to worry about writing down feedings or carrying around a notebook. I had Similac’s Strong Mom app. The app allowed me to enter my breastfeeding sessions, my bottle-feeding sessions, Allie’s wet and dirty diapers, and even the time she spent sleeping. … Read more

When Breast Isn’t Best

I wanted – desperately – to breastfeed both of my children. Grace never latched on to my breast. Though I tried just after she was born, she refused. She would occassionally open her mouth for my breast, but wouldn’t suck. I’ve talked about Grace’s refusal to latch before. She never successfully breastfed. I didn’t know what else to do, so when the pediatrician and lactation consultant told me to give her formula, I did. Though I deeply regretted my failure to breastfeed Grace, I came to appreciate the formula. Formula made my baby gain weight. She quickly became healthy and … Read more