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4 Days Post-Op – Bariatric Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I didn’t tell you ahead of time, but if you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen that I went in for my gastric sleeve surgery last Thursday, April 6. I was in the hospital for three days and two nights, and I have now been home for two full days. When I first woke up in recovery, I was in severe pain. My friend, Robyn, told me that it was about the same as having gall bladder surgery, which I have also had. This may be the case, but my gall bladder surgery was twelve years ago and I clearly … Read more

My Decision

After carefully weighing my options, I decided to go home last night. The nurses gave me their blessing to go; there was no danger of infection since Allie had been at home just the day before. Joe stayed with baby Allie, happy to be needed and confident that he could handle her without me. I brought dinner (from Burger King – a special treat) when I picked Grace up from our friend’s house. She squealed and danced when I opened the front door. On the way home, I asked Grace who she wanted to stay with today. No one, she … Read more

An Impossible Choice

Allison is in the hospital. She has RSV. She is congested and struggling to breathe, needing oxygen, breathing treatments, medicine, and lots of love. She cries a lot because she isn’t allowed to eat (too much mucus), and she is most uncomfortable. Allie needs her momma. Grace is at home. Grace’s baby sister, the one she waited for for so long, is very sick. Her sister is in the hospital, and she isn’t allowed to visit. Grace has a bad cold (probably caused by RSV), so she’s a little more tired, a little more whiny, and a little less patient … Read more

Grace’s Birth Story

I have never passed by a birth story without reading it. I think those stories are the ties that bind women. Every woman who has given birth has shared the same experiences, no matter the individual circumstances. I find them fascinating. So. If you aren’t interested in reading my birth stories, stop now and ignore my post next Thursday, too. You’ve been warned. Grace’s Birth Story I wrote this out in the days following Grace’s birth. I have a journal in which I wrote every single day for the first ten weeks of her life. This is the first entry. … Read more