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Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

This craft is as easy as easy can get. Seriously. Pre-painted popsicle sticks, heavy duty scissors, and a little bit of hot glue. And then you’ll have pretty Christmas trees to hang on your Christmas tree. It doesn’t get better than that! I played with a lot of combinations for these trees, but I always came back to liking the dark purple trunk the best. I’m not sure why (or why the colors mattered so much to me, but they did). We’ve been making a lot of crafts this holiday season, and this was by far our quickest. It’s also … Read more

Baby Jesus Ornament Craft

We were browsing on Oriental Trading for craft projects for our church to do, and Allie saw these little baby Jesus ornaments. I want to make that, Mom! she said. I asked why. I sort of thought it was ugly. Because it’s baby Jesus! We could hang him on our Christmas tree and see him for the whole season! It’s hard to argue with seeing baby Jesus all season. I suppose I could’ve said no, but I had other crafts planned for December, and I knew these would fit right in. Materials I love craft kits from Oriental Trading. We buy … Read more

Button Wreath Craft for Preschoolers

Aren’t these cute? I love button crafts, and there is no finer button craft than a little wreath. These are so easy to make that we were finished and had the glue gun put away in under ten minutes. The hardest part is gathering the materials and finding the right buttons, which is why I bought kits for these at Oriental Trading. Everything came prepackaged in little baggies with just the right amount of each color and even a little bow already pre-tied Perfect. So I’m going to give you instructions to make these, but know that gathering all these … Read more

Easy Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments for Preschoolers

We’ve been crafting so much that my glue gun caught on fire. For real. I had to throw it out after flames shot out of it and it set off the smoke detector. Okay, not really about the smoke detector, but everything else is true. I love crafting with my kids. I feel the same way about crafting with them that I feel about cooking with them. I absolutely positively love doing it. Except for the mess they make. I could do without that. But anyway. I sat down one Saturday afternoon while the girls were playing Barbies, and I … Read more

3D Paper Snowflakes – Christmas Crafts for Kids

3D Paper Snowflakes - Christmas Crafts for Kids

About a week ago, a man from my church told me that he needed to talk to me. My pastor said, “Run, Tara. Run!” I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, and I was supposed to stay or if he was serious, and I was supposed to run away from what was sure to be a forced volunteering. I stayed. (The pastor told me later, “The next time I tell you to run, run!” So now I know.) Anyway, the man in charge of our annual church banquet asked me to be in charge of decorations for the event. … Read more