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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Getting Ready for Winter

Fall is a time for family fun‚ (what time isn’t?!), but there’s more to it than apple picking and pumpkin carving. Fall – while the weather is still warm – is the best time to get your home ready for the chill of winter. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detector‚ and change its batteries. Replace your furnace filter with a Filtrete Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter. This filter captures 90% of the large particles from the air passing through the filter. It also attracts and captures microscopic particles that can carry bacteria and viruses. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to push … Read more

10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Tin

muffin pan recipes

Of course, you can make muffins and cupcakes in a muffin tin (FYI: any quick bread or cake recipe, even a boxed mix, will make great muffins or cupcakes), and muffin tins can be used to serve food children. But what else can you use them for? A few of these things are the same as my creative uses for a bundt pan. Why? Because the meal itself is that versatile, and can adapt to almost any container. As with the bundt pan, make sure you grease, wipe with melted butter, or spritz the muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray … Read more

10 Things to Cook in a Bundt Pan

what to do with a bundt pan

Some call it a bundt pan, a fluted pan, or even an angel food cake pan. Do you have one? Do you use it? A tube pan is slightly different than a bundt pan. A bundt pan (pictured below) has indentations that make bumps on the finished cake. A tube pan has a flat bottom and sides. They are otherwise the same, and all of the following suggestions will work in either kind of pan. At the opening dinner of the Savvy Blogging Summit years ago, Debba confided that she’d thrown her bundt pan away. Another person at our table, … Read more

My Magic Washer and Dryer

pink piggy

I am so excited to be one of fifty Whirlpool Moms featured in featured in a test-drive program. During the next four months, I’ll be testing the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer and sharing my experiences with you. Ten days ago, I got a new washer and dryer. To call them a washer and dryer is a flat understatement. I got new Jetsons-style computers that magically clean my clothes. Seriously. The Whirlpool Duet washer senses how full the drum is and adjusts the amount of water needed accordingly. It’s got seventy bajillion different specialty cycles, allowing me to choose allergen-friendly, … Read more

How to Make a Mosaic Rainbow Using Dyed Rice

finished mosaic rainbow

  This is an awesome project because it didn’t cost a single cent. I used leftovers and odds and ends that we had lying around to dye some old, stale rice and to make the finished rainbow. This project was really fun for me, but Grace (who recently turned 4) thought it was boring. I think an older kid, maybe 7 or 8, would think it was a fun project from start to finish. How to Dye the Rice After dying Easter eggs, we had six bowls full of dye sitting on our dining room table. To make the dye, … Read more

How Do You Manage Your Time as a Work-At-Home-Mom?

I have been overwhelmed by my life lately. I’m not sure if it’s PPD lingering or if it’s overcommitment or a combination, but I am struggling with my new role as a full-time work-at-home-mom of two. Struggling is the tip of the iceberg, to tell you the truth. I feel like a fraud. I have been getting emails from other moms asking how I do it. They say things like, I feel like such a failure. I wish I knew how you manage to keep it all together! You’re doing so many things, and you’re so successful! How do you … Read more