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10 Crafts to Make with Bamboo Skewers

Last week, I shared tips for using bamboo skewers for food, but you had to know that wouldn’t be the end of the skewer story. They’re really handy for crafts, too. 10 Crafts to Make with Bamboo Skewers Hold stuff. Bamboo skewers are cheap, and they work very nicely for holding things when you’re painting or covering them with frosting. When we made Grace’s princess cake, I used skewers to hold the peaks after I frosted them, but before they dried. Poke a hole. If you’re making beads out of clay or paper, or making ornaments out of dough, use … Read more

Grace’s New Bedroom: Before We Started Painting

Did you see where Grace asked us to paint her room hot pink? When Grace was born, Joe and I decided that she didn’t need a fancy nursery. I made curtains with baby Snoopy on them (behind Elmo, whose sole purpose is to block out the sunset so Grace will go to sleep at night). We bought fitted crib sheets, but skipped all of the ruffles, blankets, and assorted things-you-don’t-need. Initially, we used wood animals to make a faux border around the white room. When Grace got old enough to reach them, she pulled most of them off the walls. … Read more

Top Ten Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

I received an email this morning from my friend, Robyn, explaining that she’d come to my blog looking for a crafty project that she could make with her two young sons and give to her husband for Father’s Day. She didn’t find anything. Because I haven’t written anything. Gift posts are tricky for me because the recipients invariably frequent my blog. Including Joe. So, instead of doing an illustrated tutorial to show you how I made Joe’s gift, I collected ten crafty, handmade gifts that you can make with your kids in the five days between now and Sunday. Yes, … Read more

New Party Products from Wilton

This Saturday, we’re having another birthday party. The first birthday party (this past weekend) was for Grace’s grandparents and our adult friends. The party this coming weekend is for Grace’s friends and their parents. We’re not a two birthday party kind of family, by the way. This was the first time that Grace has ever asked to invite her friends to her birthday, so I obliged. I’m going to post all about the birthday party in the days ahead, but I wanted to share the activity I’m most excited about now. Earlier this year, Wilton sent me an amazing box … Read more

One Big Egg

My older sister and my niece gave Grace two great big bubble gum eggs for Easter. Grace thought those eggs were amazing. Last week, she asked to eat one. Obviously, it was too big just to chomp on it. Joe cut it into little pieces for her to chew on. Not quite getting the gum thing yet, Grace chewed and swallowed one piece after another after another. She loved it.