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Paper Fortune Cookie Tutorial

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - No template needed because they're made from a circle. Includes a free printable with 100 fortunes. These are fun for Chinese New Year or New Year's Eve. Cute treats for friends, families, or birthdays and parties. Includes some simple and awesome Bible verses.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these paper fortune cookies. They’re inspired by the Silhouette machine template below, but you can make them almost as easily without a machine. When I saw these paper fortune cookies in the Silhouette store, I had to make some. I downloaded the files, picked out some papers, and got started. And then I realized that you could make these just as easily without a Silhouette machine. That’s when I decided to share the tutorial here. Because, who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Grace is already all over them; begging to open a … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – 10 Valentine Cards to Print

Homemade Valentine's Day - Printable Valentine Cards

I love all of these cards! The great thing about printable cards is that you can print as many as you want, and they’re practically free. No boxed cards here! Cards to Print I love you even when you’re grumpy – This is my favorite among all of the Valentines I found.  Grace asks me every single day, Do you still love me? When I throw a fit, do you still love me? If I hit the baby, do you still love me? Do you love me even when I’m bad? I will always love her, no matter what, and … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts a Preschooler Can Make for Other Kids

Gifts Your Preschooler Can Make for Kids Pretend Mailbox – This has to be one of our most successful crafty projects. We made it from a square cardboard box, and we covered it with craft paper. Grace has played with this mailbox all the time since we made it, at least several times every single week. If you decorated this mailbox, it would be an awesome gift for another kid. Don’t forget to include some letters inside! Heart crayons – I’ve seen these recycled crayons all over the internet, but I chose this one to feature because the post includes … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults

homemade valentines day gifts for kids to make

I love this series! Homemade gifts speak volumes about your friends and family. More than jewelry. Well. Maybe not more than jewelry, but more than a lot of stuff. The homemade Valentine’s Day gift suggestions I’ve posted so far have been: Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children Other Crafty Gifts I hope you like the series, too. Now that we’re finding a routine and life is feeling normal, Grace and I are thinking about crafty projects. We are planning on making more than one of the gifts below, but the recipients read my blog, so I … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Other Crafty Gifts

love bookmarks

This week, I’ve shared ideas for gifts you can make and give for Valentine’s Day. Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children This list is a hodge podge of ideas that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else – CDs, a love bird mobile, hand warmers. Fun times. Other Crafty Gifts *The name of each project is linked to the tutorial. Love birds mobile – This made me think of a friend whose nursery has a bird theme. It’s just pretty. And since it’s made from paper, string, and feathers, it’s inexpensive and easy to put together. Homemade … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Children

Valentine Countdown

This week, I’ve shared ideas for gifts you can make and give for Valentine’s Day. Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Sharing Valentine’s Day with children is my favorite part of the holiday. Last year, I made 14 love notes (complete with fancy envelopes!) and put them in a mailbox for her each morning. I most certainly will not be doing that again this year, even though it would probably mean more to her this year than it did last year. I’ll think of something else, maybe one of the ideas below. Gifts for Children *The name of each … Read more