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Washi Tape Heart Suncatchers – Easy 10 Minute Craft for Kids

Easy DIY heart suncatchers using washi tape - These sun catchers are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, or even older kids, teens, and adults because they are so simple to make. Great craft for Valentines Day because of the heart shapes but could easily be made into any shape for any holiday. Awesome ideas for home or for school. Fun rainbow heart projects!

I love washi tape. As you will see below, I have many, many rolls of it in a rainbow of colors and all the patterns you could imagine. I usually pick up at least one new tube of tapes every time I’m in the craft store. I keep it all in a cardboard box (with the Amazon smile on the side), and it makes me smile every time I see it. My box o’ washi tape inspired this craft. I was looking at it one day, thinking about what I could do with all the pretty colors and patterns, and … Read more

Valentine’s Day Heart Animal Crafts for Kids

We are snowed in. Last Friday night and Saturday, we got nearly 40″ of snow which has never happened before in the history of record keeping in the Harrisburg area. By Saturday afternoon, the girls had played outside (that’s too much snow to really do anything in) and played games and made meals and played with all their toys, and they were all ready for something else. So I had the brilliant idea to do some heart crafts, partly just to have fun and partly to share with you here. The girls were into this for all of fifteen minutes … Read more

How to Make a Painted Doily Garland

I have seen lots of painted doilies around the blogosphere the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to make a painted doily garland for the girls’ room. One of my favorite techniques is to color with washable markers and then spray the paper with water, so that was my plan for the activity. Allie and Grace both had other plans, so I went with what they wanted to do. In the end, we discovered the very best way to make a doily garland was to simply paint the doily with watercolors. They really were too fragile for much of … Read more

How to Cook an Egg in a Hole for Your Valentine

I never ate an egg in a hole before I made them for my kids last week. Even then, I only ate their scraps. I’m not sure why, but my mom never made them for us when we were kids. I love fried eggs, though, and I like buttered toast a lot (gluten-free toast for me, thanks), so I think they are a nice treat. My kids eat one thing for lunch day after day: chicken nuggets. As much a failure of my imagination as their pickiness, their lunch choice is easy but bugs me greatly. Their idea of variety … Read more

Valentine Suncatchers – Easy Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Finished suncatchers - Easy Valentine Suncatcher Crafts for Kids

You make a lot of heart crafts when you have two little girls. My girls just love hearts. They draw hearts and they cut hearts and the like to glue and paint hearts. Valentine’s Day is like our crafting heaven. This is the craft that kicked off our Valentine’s Day crafting, and I had actually forgotten all about it until I went looking for something in my photos. I was like, “Hey! Did I post that on my blog?!” and I came looking for it, and lo and behold, I had deprived you of it for a month. Sorry. Anyway, … Read more

Heart-Shaped Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter

We had a lot of snow this week. Joe was outside shoveling our driveway for the twelfth time this week when I had a brainstorm. When he came in, I had a hot, heart-shaped banana pancake dotted with chocolate chips waiting for him. I used pancake mix so that they’d go together quickly, and I made them in much the same way as he’d made the heart-shaped omelets earlier in the week. Banana Pancakes Ingredients 1 cup of pancake mix (I was in a hurry, and the mix made sense. If you want to make banana pancakes from scratch, try … Read more