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Seventh Generation Project Laundry Line Challenge: Our Special Laundry Challenge

Grace has exceptionally sensitive skin. When she was less than six months old, she was diagnosed with eczema, and she’s seen a pediatric dermatologist since. For more than a year, we had to slather her with Vaseline twice a day and after every bath, just to prevent her skin from breaking out. We couldn’t use any kind of soap or bubbles in the bathtub. We washed Grace’s body and hair with Dove’s Sensitive Skin bar soap just before plucking her out of the tub because her skin couldn’t handle soaking in soap. We washed Grace’s clothes and bedding in Dreft … Read more

What to Do (and Avoid) When You Have Morning Sickness

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant, and I am in the throws of morning sickness. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you are probably well aware that it’s not really morning sickness, but rather strikes-at-any-time-you’re-breathing sickness. This time around, mine is most noxious in the early morning, the late morning, and the late afternoon. That’s an improvement over my pregnancy with Grace when it was all day, every day. I’m grateful for little miracles. Anyway, I have found some things that help my nausea – and some things that make it worse – so I thought I’d share in case you’re … Read more

My Personal Mission Statement

One of the first activities in the Weight Release workbook is a personal mission statement.
When I first spoke with Freeman about the Weight Release program, he told me that it would be difficult. He said that I needed an imperative, a reason for going through the process. The workbook echos this idea.
I want to be skinny doesn’t work…

Is That The Story You Want To Tell?

As many of you know, my Weight Release journey began this week. Really, it began a couple of weeks ago when I decided to work with Freeman Michaels and began reading his book. It’s been difficult. I learned this week that I’m afraid of much more than spiders. It’s also been rewarding. I’m learning to forgive myself in a way I had reserved only for others. Freeman has been so delighted with Feels Like Home readers’ response to his Weight Release webinar series that he’s decided to open up 8 more spots – a total of 20 in all. If … Read more