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That Time I Had MRSA #BeAntibioticsAware

This is a post prepared under a contract funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and written on behalf of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network for use in CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware educational effort. Opinions on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CDC. A couple of years ago, I got a hangnail while traveling in Nashville, Tennessee. I can’t leave things alone, so I pulled it, and it bled a little. And then I forgot about it. A week later, that little hangnail had turned all red. It was … Read more

What To Do During Your Quiet Time with God

What to do during your quiet time with God

Anyone who’s ever made a major life change knows that it happens one small step at a time. Eating better, drinking more water, exercising regularly, handling money more responsibly, getting more sleep, spending time daily with God. All of these goals are hard to achieve, requiring big adjustments to my everyday lifestyle, but those big adjustments never seem to stick. Small changes, baby steps, are a lot easier to implement and a lot easier to maintain. I was compensated by Puritan’s Pride for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. So my one small step was a daily quiet time. … Read more

How to Find Time for Quiet Time (Without Waking Up Earlier)

How to Have Quiet Time Without Getting Up Earlier

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed my need for daily quiet time, and my intention to find or make the time for it each morning. It was my one small change, the little thing I committed to in order to improve my health and my life. I was compensated by Puritan’s Pride for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. I haven’t managed to have quiet time every single day, but I have done it enough to see its impact on my life, to see the significance of His presence in my days. I’ve started to journal my prayers … Read more

How to Begin A Daily Quiet Time with God

Starting your day with quiet time nourishes your heart.

This year has tested my faith. First my mother’s diagnosis and then the horrible reality of her illness. Then she died. I tried to lean on God through all that. I read my Bible a lot, and I listened to Psalms a lot on my phone. I prayed endlessly. Futilely, or so it felt. I questioned; I especially questioned His plan. I still don’t understand. Maybe I never will. Last week, while we were visiting Old Grandma, my father’s mother passed away. Experiencing a viewing and funeral just weeks after my mother’s death was almost as hard as her viewing and funeral. It … Read more

I’m Being Kinder to Myself

How do you feel about yourself? I feel okay about myself. I have strengths and weaknesses, but overall, I am what I am. How do you feel about your body? Not so okay. I would like to change my body, but I’ve never stuck with any plan long enough to lose the 180 pounds that I would like to lose. Something has always gotten in my way (an injury, a pregnancy, depression). I get in my own way plenty, too. I’m not willing to have surgery to lose weight. But still, I would like to change my weight. I would … Read more

Tips for Tooth Brushing For Kids

I am delighted to be one of twenty bloggers featured in Arm & Hammer’s Switch & Save Challenge. During the next five months, I’ll be testing several Arm & Hammer products and sharing my experiences with you. After I posted my plea for toothbrushing help, dozens of readers emailed or commented with tips for convincing Grace to cooperate in the tooth brushing process. And we discovered that she has a cavity. She is going to have to go to the dentist and have work done. This fact is a source of anxiety for several of the members in my household. … Read more