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The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas for Winter Family Fun

Ultimate staycation guide to winter family fun - Great for kids, teends, families, adults, and couples - Both indoor, at home, and outdoor activities. Good ideas for things to do on a date. Best cheap ideas for free and pay.

When gas prices were really high, I used to hear the word staycation all the time. Now that they’re lower, I haven’t been hearing it as much, but the idea is still the same – to schedule a vacation in your hometown instead of going somewhere else. Before our 2017 Disney cruise was over, we had already put down a deposit on our next Disney cruise, this one in May 2019. It doesn’t give us much time to save up the money though as our final payment is due in just twelve months, and we’ve had to tighten our budget quite a … Read more

Winter Bucket List – Free Family Fun Printable

Winter bucket list - Almost 100 ideas for kids, teens, families, and adults! Includes crafts, recipes, and lots of fun activities. Free printable.

Many years ago, I made a summer bucket list for like five years in a row, except I never ever called it a bucket list. But it was the same thing. This year, I decided to make one for all the seasons starting with winter. As a full-time working mom and a mom blogger, I have to be really intentional about spending time with my kids. If I’m not intentional, our days and weeks would slip by, and I wouldn’t have spent any real time with them. I mean, we’re in the same house, maybe even in the same room, … Read more

Kids Noisemaker Craft for New Year’s Eve

On Monday, I shared a really fun activity that guided our New Year’s Eve last year. In short, I wrote a bunch of activities on slips of paper, rolled them up, and stuffed them into balloons that the kids popped as the hours ticked by. One of the projects was to make noisemakers for midnight (which, incidentally, rolled around at 9pm). These noisemakers were quick and easy to make, and they used materials that we already had at home (mostly due to a lack of planning on my part). They cost pennies to make, too. New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Craft … Read more

The Best Games for Elementary School Kids

The Best Games for Elementary School Kids

  Elementary school kids need to play games. They need to play games because games reinforce math and reading concepts, reasoning and analytical skills, and good sportsmanship. Not to mention that games are just plain fun. We all need to have fun and play just for the sake of playing. (Brené Brown talks about this in The Gifts of Imperfection.) The 12 games that follow are my favorite elementary school kid games. Older kids and adults will like them all, too. Because they’re fun and interesting. There are 18 awesome games on my preschooler list plus: Guess Who Game – I am preferable … Read more

The Best Games for Preschoolers

Tips and ideas for the 30+ best simple and easy preschool board, dice, and card games for little kids to play together or with adults, especially since they can't do reading. These games make great gifts to buy and are the perfect addition to any home's game basket. Great to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any holiday. Games for young children.

We are a game playing family. It took Grace a few years to catch on to taking turns and good sportsmanship, but then no kid grows understanding those innately. Allie is a little better at this age than Grace was, but she still needs a lot of encouragement and sometimes walks away in the middle of a game. We play on. I think it’s really important to play games as a family. We even play games with Old Grandma when we visit her. The Best Games for Preschoolers Candy Land – I played this as a kid, and my kids love it, … Read more

The Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA

Turkey Hill Experience sign

A couple weeks ago, my family was invited to the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA. It was such a fun day, and I want to share it with you. If you’re local (or even passing through the York/Lancaster PA area), it’s definitely a great stop to make! First, the Turkey Hill Experience is literally feet from the highway exit, making it super convenient and easy to find. Once we got inside, we were greeted by the staff and headed upstairs to the Experience. As we approached the entrance, we saw all sorts of trivia, like this display which was … Read more