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17 Easy Ways to Develop a Positive Outlook

17 easy ways to develop a positive mindset - The power of a positive outlook is great and far-reaching. Inspiration and motivation for healthy thinking at work and at school. These activities, tips, and ideas work for women and men and even kids and teens. Lots of Christian life thoughts for making you happy through prayer, scripture, and more.

I wrote in a post in 2013 called 13 Bible verses to overcome disappointment. I said that I was not born an optimist, and I don’t think anybody really is. What a depressing thought, but it was 100% true for me at the time. I have good news for you. In the years since that, I have grown into an optimist. Mostly. I have developed those skills, and now I usually see the world through rosy glasses, though I will be the first to admit that I still have snarky and sarcastic moments once in a while. Why does a positive … Read more

25 Bible Verses on Joy & Happiness

25 Bible verses on joy & happiness. These encouraging scriptures will bring gladness and lasting joy to your life. The words and truths of The Lord God and Jesus Christ will lift you up and give you strength. Beautiful Christian thoughts for my heart.

There have been times in my life when I had joy and times when I had no joy. Looking back, the times when I had no joy are much more clear and well-defined: When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and up through (and beyond, if I’m being honest) her death nine months later When I got laid off from a job I loved When I was on pregnancy bed rest and had to lie down 23 hours a day for more than 8 weeks When I had postpartum depression, up through being diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a … Read more

10 Secrets to Raising Happy, Successful Kids Who Will Become Happy, Successful Adults

10 secrets to raising happy, successful kids - Children need love and affection, but what else? This positive article lists 10 tips, habits, and ideas and awesome quotes for moms and dads raising boys and girls.

  I see you, mama. You are working so hard to make sure your kids have a good life, free of the challenges and disappointments you faced when you were a kid. You wake up early, you work hard at home, you work long hours at the office, and then you come home to work longer hours at home. You want to protect your babies from the hardships and heartaches you experienced. You want them to be happy and successful, and you go out of your way every single day to make that their future. I’ve spent a lot of … Read more

25 Simple & Easy Habits to Make You a Happy Mom Even When Life is Hard

While this has not always been the case, I am a genuinely happy person these days. My life is stressful, don’t get me wrong: I worry daily about whether I’m doing a good enough job for my husband and children. I am battling a raging food addiction and trying unsuccessfully to work the steps in a 12-step program. My house is an embarrassing mess, and I am overcommitted. But at the end of the day, I am content with the way things are and don’t generally feel bitter or angry or resentful. I have great joy in Jesus and in … Read more

100 Things I Enjoy, 91-100

Read more of the 100 Things I Enjoy. What do you enjoy? If you’re thinking about making a list of your own, do! Please come back and share your post in the comments. 91. Eating ice cream. I think my being overweight might have something to do with my love of eating good food. Maybe. I found a really cheap brand of really good vanilla ice cream, and I love to eat it. A little too much, I think. 92. Shopping! We had to go to the mall today. Yesterday, Joe ran over something that pierced one of the front … Read more

100 Things I Enjoy, 81-90

Read more of the 100 Things I Enjoy. What do you enjoy? If you’re thinking about making a list of your own, do! Please come back and share your post in the comments. 81. Listening to Joe and my girls laugh and play together. As I write, I can hear the three of them laughing and carrying on upstairs. He says, in a pretend stern voice, “I am not a jungle gym!” and Grace giggles and he hoots and Allie laughs her silly baby laugh, and I just sit back and listen to a sound that tickles my soul. 82. … Read more