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Handmade Valentine’s Day Ideas, Gifts, and Activities

I know that Christmas is barely behind us (we still have our tree up since Epiphany was this week), but I am already looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I love the hearts and the kisses and the love that oozes from everyone during the weeks leading up to that day. And also, Joe gave me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, and I’m excited to get a new bead for it. ha. Anyway, here are lots of ideas for Valentine Suncatchers Invitation to Make Valentines (an open-ended craft) Fortune Cookie Valentines (with a free printable) Foods to Make for Your Valentine (includes … Read more

How to Make an Oversized Flannel Baby Blanket

Before Grace was born (back when I had time to be aimless), I was aimlessly walking around in a fabric store when an elderly clerk struck up a conversation. I mentioned that I wanted to make some things to use when my baby arrived. She suggested making receiving blankets because the commercial ones are never big enough. I made a few of these blankets that very afternoon. Each one cost less than $3 because I got the flannel on a 50% off sale. How to make your own flannel receiving blankets Materials: Two yards of baby flannel. I like to … Read more

Have a Homemade Valentine’s Day

printable valentine card

I like Valentine’s Day. A lot. I know a lot of people say it’s a made up holiday, that it’s meaningless, and that it’s too commercial, but I disagree. When you make homemade Valentine’s Day gifts and cards, the holiday can simply be about appreciating the people you love. That’s what it’s about to me. In the posts below, you will find more than sixty different ideas for a homemade Valentine’s Day. Whether your Valentine is your parent, grandparent, child, spouse, or even just a friend, you will find something to please them. Process-driven Valentines I created an invitation for … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults

homemade valentines day gifts for kids to make

I love this series! Homemade gifts speak volumes about your friends and family. More than jewelry. Well. Maybe not more than jewelry, but more than a lot of stuff. The homemade Valentine’s Day gift suggestions I’ve posted so far have been: Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children Other Crafty Gifts I hope you like the series, too. Now that we’re finding a routine and life is feeling normal, Grace and I are thinking about crafty projects. We are planning on making more than one of the gifts below, but the recipients read my blog, so I … Read more