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How to Start a New Habit (and a Free Printable Habit Tracker)

This free daily habit tracker printable can be used weekly or monthly for 30 or 60 days. I made mine fun by putting stickers on the numbers instead of crossing them off. Simple and easy to use in your planner or bullet journal. Blank minimalist vertical template for any habit. Great PDF ideas for kids to track healthy habits like personal fitness.

In 2018, I had an amazing streak going: I walked every single day for over 240 days. And then I hurt my knee weight lifting and broke my toe when I stubbed it on a dumbbell, (All the injuries came from weight lifting!) and I couldn’t walk for a few days which turned into a few weeks. I’ve walked close to five days a week since my foot and knee healed, but it’s been hard to get back into the everyday habit. Most days I walk, but some days I don’t, choosing grad school work or blog work or homeschool … Read more

10 Ways to Prioritize Yourself and Ditch Mom Guilt

10 Ways to Prioritize Yourself and Ditch the Mom Guilt - Tips and ideas for self care for moms of children who are young or old.

I spent years and years of my life, ignoring my needs, gaining weight, feeling terribly physically and emotionally, and not understanding where I was going so wrong. Perhaps you’re in a similar place. You don’t feel very well, but you’re not sick. You’re not happy but there’s nothing really wrong either. You’re always tired. You feel overwhelmed and always behind. Any of that sound familiar, or maybe all of it? You can get out from under that stuff, I promise you. I did, and I am going to tell you how I did it. The road to good health is … Read more

How to Be a Happy Mother – Happier Moms Do These 15 Things

How to be happy as a mother - Happier moms do these 15 things - These thoughts and quotes will encourage and inspire even the most stressed mom. Simple tips for being a content, grateful mom in life at home, at work, and parenting.

I’ve been a parent for a little over 11 years now, and I think I’m pretty good at it. That’s not me being phony or puffed up; I truly believe God made me specifically to be the mother of these two little people (who are not so little anymore), and He gave me gifts to get the job done with grace and poise. I know plenty of people who don’t feel the same way. They feel like mothering is really hard and really draining and that it sucks the life out of them. My heart hurts for  these mothers. If you are one of … Read more

25 Simple & Easy Time Management Tips for Super Busy Moms

Simple & easy time management tips super busy women especially moms - Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you need practical articles with advice and ideas to get organized. Morning and evening routines, schedules, planners, this post covers it all.

I quit my full-time teaching job when my second daughter was born, and for four years after that, I worked part-time, only in the evenings. It was a grand life, and I was able to take my girls to do all sorts of fun things in the daytime and later to help care for my mom when she got sick and eventually died of pancreatic cancer. For the most part, those years were a very special time of my life filled with fun, fun, and more fun with my kids. We were really able to do whatever we wanted whenever … Read more

25 Simple & Easy Habits to Make You a Happy Mom Even When Life is Hard

While this has not always been the case, I am a genuinely happy person these days. My life is stressful, don’t get me wrong: I worry daily about whether I’m doing a good enough job for my husband and children. I am battling a raging food addiction and trying unsuccessfully to work the steps in a 12-step program. My house is an embarrassing mess, and I am overcommitted. But at the end of the day, I am content with the way things are and don’t generally feel bitter or angry or resentful. I have great joy in Jesus and in … Read more

28 Simple Habits to Become a Better Person

25 simple habits to become a better person - Good, kind, successful people do certain things every day. These 28 tips will help with motivation and leadership. Become more like Jesus Christ every day.

There is a line from a movie that goes something like, “You make me want to be a better man.” I think Jack Nicholson says it to Helen Hunt in the movie As Good As It Gets. {If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Amazon because it is tremendous (I think both Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt won Academy Awards for their performances, but I’m not 100% sure.) I could gush about that movie for an hour because I’ve seen it approximately 87 times, but I’ll save my breath and just tell you to go watch it for yourself.} … Read more