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Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter and My Stinky Cats

I am delighted to be one of twenty bloggers featured in Arm & Hammer’s Switch & Save Challenge. During the next five months, I’ll be testing several Arm & Hammer products and sharing my experiences with you. For me, a home isn’t a home without pets. We have 4 cats, 1 turtle, 2 goldfish, and 7 5 4 3 hermit crabs. Like the people who live here, each of our cats has a unique personality. Zeus is a big baby, wanting to sit on my lap and knead me whenever I’ll let him. Molly is simultaneously antisocial and wanting to … Read more

8 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Husband

honoring the man they call daddy

This week’s Honoring the Man They Call Daddy theme is setting the stage. What can we do to make our homes more welcoming and more comfortable for our husbands? I wasn’t sure where to start, so I asked Joe what that would look like. “Uh, I dunno,” he answered. Not satisfied with that answer, I pressed, and he said, “I don’t really need too much. A little pampering, maybe. A foot massage.” Here’s what else he said (plus a few things I added in on his behalf). Greet him with a smile and a smooch when he walks in the … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts a Preschooler Can Make for Other Kids

Gifts Your Preschooler Can Make for Kids Pretend Mailbox – This has to be one of our most successful crafty projects. We made it from a square cardboard box, and we covered it with craft paper. Grace has played with this mailbox all the time since we made it, at least several times every single week. If you decorated this mailbox, it would be an awesome gift for another kid. Don’t forget to include some letters inside! Heart crayons – I’ve seen these recycled crayons all over the internet, but I chose this one to feature because the post includes … Read more

Renew Your Bathroom with The Home Depot (featuring $100 giveaway)

Can you imagine hanging your head in this every day for seven months? Fortunately, my second pregnancy didn’t make me as sick as my first. I really did throw up in that hideous toilet most days when I was pregnant with Gracie. With Allie, I threw up only a handful of times. Nonetheless, I often threw up in that ancient, ugly, dirty-looking, toilet. Sometimes, lifting the lid alone made me gag. It’s not because the toilet is actually dirty. Okay, it is dirty in this photo, but I’m not talking about the grime around the water line. I’m talking about … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Other Crafty Gifts

love bookmarks

This week, I’ve shared ideas for gifts you can make and give for Valentine’s Day. Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children This list is a hodge podge of ideas that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else – CDs, a love bird mobile, hand warmers. Fun times. Other Crafty Gifts *The name of each project is linked to the tutorial. Love birds mobile – This made me think of a friend whose nursery has a bird theme. It’s just pretty. And since it’s made from paper, string, and feathers, it’s inexpensive and easy to put together. Homemade … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Children

Valentine Countdown

This week, I’ve shared ideas for gifts you can make and give for Valentine’s Day. Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Sharing Valentine’s Day with children is my favorite part of the holiday. Last year, I made 14 love notes (complete with fancy envelopes!) and put them in a mailbox for her each morning. I most certainly will not be doing that again this year, even though it would probably mean more to her this year than it did last year. I’ll think of something else, maybe one of the ideas below. Gifts for Children *The name of each … Read more