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Be Internet Awesome – 7 Tips to Respect Your Kids in the Internet Age

Be internet awesome - Teaching parents how to show respect to their kids through their online internet behavior. Thoughts and truths on safe internet usage for parents, teachers, and kids. Words and pictures posted without thinking can hurt. These life lessons will work for boys and girls and men and women. #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesome #Sponsored

  The first day of my grad school residency at Penn State was a tough one. There was big stuff of all varieties happening with Joe, our girls, and my sister at home, and I was living in a hotel room at Penn State for a whole week, meeting the strangers I would work closely with for the entire semester. Despite the picture of me you may have formed from my witty repartee on my blog, social situations really stress me out, and I was uptight and scared about meeting new people and feeling tortured over not being able to … Read more

7 Strategies for Empowering Picky Eaters

7 strategies for empowering a picky eater - Whether they're toddlers, preschoolers, older kids, or teens, picky eaters are a pain! Use these 7 tips and ideas to encourage healthy eating habits at dinner and all meals through the day.

  Please enjoy this guest post from Mandi Ehman: Picky, particular, fussy, sensitive – whichever adjective you prefer, you probably know what I’m talking about: the child who hates trying new foods, rarely likes what is offered and has a small group of foods that he or she actually likes. In our family my pickiest eater really is just picky. She doesn’t have any underlying issues that we know of that contribute to this; she just knows what she likes and she has no use for anything outside of that small group of foods. My goal this summer is to … Read more

Calendar Solution for Busy Moms: The BusyBodyBook Weekly GRID

I’ve talked before about how I use Google Calendar to organize my family’s life. See all of the different colors on my calendar? Each color represents a different facet of my life. Freelance/blogging commitments Feels Like Home editorial calendar Menu plan Health care (all of our doctor, dentist, and other appointments) My full time job Joe’s full time job Family functions & events My Google Calendar is synced with my iPhone, so I have access where ever I go. The only problem with my Google Calendar system is that Joe never looks at it. Less than once a month qualifies … Read more