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4 Ways To Help Kids Connect With Mother Nature Through a Love of Gardening

Ideas to help kids love flowers and vegetable gardens and gardening - Great for toddlers and preschool children or older kids. Fun things and suggestions for plants. Creative ideas for boys and girls. Cheap and awesome tips.

This article was contributed to Feels Like Home by Scott Jenkins. I love Scott and Jessica’s parenting here; there’s so much science and positivity and learning going on. Scott helps out with the editing and some occasional writing for his wife’s website He shares more ideas about getting kids involved in the family garden here. My wife and I bought our first home in the spring of 2003. The backyard was small and a mix of grass, clover and dandelions, but it got sun nearly all day long so I knew that with a little work I could replace … Read more

How to Fix a Faded Garden Ornament

How to Fix a Faded Garden Ornament

The other day, I wrote a post about fairy gardens, and I shared a picture of the fairy garden my mom helped me to make before she died. I put it outside, on the porch in the shade, I mentioned that my pretty pink bird house had disappeared. The next day, Grace and I went looking for the pretty pink bird house, and we found out it – in the leaf litter under the picnic table. It looked like this, except it had a giant cotton ball of a spider nest in the top that I cleaned out before I … Read more

How to Make a Fairy Garden for Under $20

How to Make a Fairy Garden for Under $20

When my mom was alive and healthy, she took Grace to monthly classes at our local garden center. During one of their classes, they made this fairy garden: They put plants in it (the two in the back, next to the mushroom house) and soil and the pebbles. My mom splurged and got the gazing ball (red, my mom’s favorite color). The fairy garden was designed to live outside in the winter, but some of the plants didn’t make it. We went back to the garden center in the spring and got some new plants, as well as some decorations. … Read more

How to Plant Hens and Chicks In a Boot

how to plant hens and chicks in boots

I have on many occasions told my husband that we should raise some chickens. It’s not because I like chickens, actually, I think they are dirty and mean and dumb, but I do like fresh, cage-free, free range eggs. Joe always says I’m crazy (which is what my mother said when I brought it up before I was married), and so I don’t have any chickens. I do have lots of Hens and Chicks, though, and they are happily spreading everywhere I will let them go. Even in Joe’s shoes. I can’t show you a tutorial on these because Joe … Read more

Our Volunteers

Garden Wild Cards

I get excited by volunteer plants, remnants of last year’s planting that survived the winter or grew up to make seeds that sowed themselves. We have at least one volunteer every year. I read a neat article on Nurture Store last week, about gardening with wild cards. Cathy and her two daughters garden in the city in the UK, and her experiences are a bit different than ours (gardening in our backyard in Pennsylvania). We have more similarities than differences. In her post, Cathy says one of her favorite gardening traditions is throwing in a wild card each year – … Read more

Growing Peanuts

growing peanuts

Early in the spring, Joe purchased a couple of peanut plants. We knew that peanuts grew underground, like potatoes, but we haven’t had much luck with potatoes. We tried not to get our hopes up. This week, Joe poked around in the dirt near one of the plants. We have peanuts. I have lots of amazing peanut butter recipes: Indonesian Peanut Chicken Stir fry with peanut sauce Chocolate peanut butter balls Peanut butter and jelly pie – Oh, be still my heart. Peanut butter marshmallow fudge Peanut butter pie I might be drooling a little. I hope there are lots … Read more