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How to Host an Indoor Carnival for Your Family

How to throw an indoor living room carnival for your family - Kids love carnivals, and these simple activities and fun games make it easy to have one for your family. Perfect for rainy days. Includes pictures and decorations. Awesome way to spend a day inside.

Grace talks about having a carnival three or four times a week. She is obsessed. We’ve been reading some books about carnivals, specifically: Little Elliot, Big Fun Olivia and the School Carnival Dora the Explorer At the Carnival Last Sunday, I asked her if she’d like to have a carnival of our own, in the living room. Of course, she thought that was a fabulous idea. My goal was to have a super fun carnival for our whole family. We succeeded, and the carnival was an all-day affair. Decorate! Grace used her budding writing skills to write the word CARNIVAL, and … Read more

Bouncing at Cherry Crest Farm

Some things are fun no matter where you do them. {Jumping on the Bouncing Pillow at Cherry Crest Farm} No matter how hot it is outside. {94 with high humidity} No matter how dirty you are. {Covered with dust} No matter how red your face gets. {Speaks for itself} No matter who’s with you. {Best friends you met a few hours earlier} No matter what’s going on around you. {The Strasburg Railroad passes through Cherry Crest Farm.} No matter how many time your Mom makes you take a break for a drink of water. {I lost count.} Some things are … Read more

Joe’s First Slip N Slide

A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip, Joe told me he’d never played on a Slip N Slide. I couldn’t believe it. Given this tragic news, I wouldn’t allow him to pass by the Slip N Slides without buying one. It was $9. Our Slip N Slide sat around in the box for a month or more, and then, one hot afternoon, Joe spread it out in the yard. The instructions suggest that the Slip N Slide is for ages 5 to 12 only. Neither Grace nor Joe is in that age range, but it didn’t stop them from … Read more

How To Spend the Day with Small Kids in Washington DC

We spent the whole day today in Washington, DC with our friends from Washington.

All five of us had an amazing day. There’s definitely an art to creating a fun day for a two-year-old, a three-year-old, and three nerdy adults in a place as enriching as Washington, DC.

The only sour part of our day was driving home. Grace and I were sad that we won’t be seeing Allie and her son, the Philosopher, again tomorrow.

Such is life.

Gracie in the House!

You know how sports teams sometimes run onto the field through a huge paper banner? If you were two, wouldn’t you think that was the funnest thing ever? Come on. You would too. Every week, we receive two little newspapers in the mail. They’re free, and they’re full of community events and classified ads. We can’t opt out of them. Everyone in the township gets them. We’ve got a new tradition going. When the little newspapers arrive, I cut three thin slices from the spine of the paper. Joe holds them up, and Grace runs through them. It goes by … Read more